Where is the best place for 30 bunnies to sleep?

Where is the best place for 30 bunnies to sleep? slap bang in the middle of a bed!

To show off their new ‘sweet beds’, Ibis filmed 30 bunnies over two days in their London Blackfriar’s hotel as they scuttled round the room to make this super cute video:

Karelle Lamouche, VP of Marketing for Ibis commented: “The video is a light-hearted way of emphasising the essential part of the ibis brand – the uniquely designed ‘Sweet Bed by ibis’ and reminds people that ibis places a happy sleep at the centre of its offering.”

The hotel chain has launched a mobile app to making booking a hotel quick and easy – download it here: http://www.ibis.com/gb/mobile/mobile.shtml

Find out how the video was made by watching this behind the scenes video:

The accompanying music is Hushabye Mountain by Richard Hawley. To find out more about the snuggle bunnies video, check out the Ibis Facebook page.

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