Most golf lovers and enthusiasts would not think of Dubai as a top golfing destination. More so because it is right at the edge of the scorching Arabian desert where temperatures can go as high as 40°C and stay this way for many months and it only gets as little as 12 cm of rain in a year. Just imagining these extreme temperatures it’s understandable when one cannot picture a well maintained golf course.

Things are much different. Dubai opened its first golf course a little over 22 years ago. Since then, the sport has grown in popularity and this has definitely led to a growth of more golf courses. Improvements in technology have led to the use of superior sprinkler units and experienced green keepers who keep a close watch at the natural weather conditions thereby allowing locals and tourists to play a complete game of golf under the hot Arabian sun. In fact, the sport has now become so popular that top golfer in the world Rory McIlroy once played his bunker shot from Burj Al Arabs hotel helipad. Pretty sure golf being played at a height of 700 feet is a never seen before.

Want to play golf in Dubai? You can definitely find your fair share of excellent golf courses and these are just a few of them.

Quick tit bit, the number 1 and 2 on the list can be located at the Emirates Golf Cub which was the pioneer championship course in Middle East since its inception in 1988.

  1. The Faldo

Designed by the world renowned Sir Nick Faldo, this course spreads over 7,348

Yards with a 72 par. It’s a one of a kind course that offers floodlit golfing also referred to as ‘nightclubbing’. Patrons can therefore play a great game of golf under conducive weather conditions. To access the course you will be required to pay £100 or AED 595 in local currency.

  1. The Majilis

This course was designed by the one and only Karl Litten and runs over 7,301 yards with a 72 par. It’s famous for its 8th hole, a par four dogleg. The 434 uphill yarder often requires accurate long shots as well as a loft of skill on one’s second shot if one is to make it to the green. The fees stand at around £100 or AED 595 in local currency.

  1. The Montgomerie

This golf course is located at the very opulent Address Mongomerie Golf club. Ryder Cup pro Colin Montgomerie is responsible for its design. The course is found in the posh Emirates hill area and is 7,307 yards long with a 72 par.

The wide fairways really give a player the perfect choice to move around with one’s driver. Of course every player wants a fair challenge and you can be sure of getting a real one at its eighteenth hole. At the par three 13th you will be welcomed by an enormous green that resembles UAE’s shape.

The course is fully equipped with state of the art practice sections. Here you can access hi-tech swing studios, a driving range that’s fully lit and a nine hole academy section.

When all is said and done, the Montgomerie is a well-rounded course. Opposite the course is the Mona Seyani which is a 5 star establishment and players can get access to more rounds as a result. One is required to pay about £150 or AED 825 to access the green.

  1. Dubai Creek

This course is located at Dubai Golf and Yatch club. Here, golf enthusiasts can play a cool game overlooking the calm waters at the creek. It was designed by Thomas Bjorn born in Denmark. Its length is 6,857 and a 71 par. Owing to its open location, golfers will always access to great drives. Holes to watch out for at the par five on the 13th hole which has its very own island green. Its teeing platform which is the 6th is also located right in the creek. To access the green one is required to pay £130 or around AED 725.

  1. The Earth

This course is located within the Jumeirah golf estates. It has been the host of the Dubai World Golfing Championships and you can therefore be sure that it has world class resources. The hole that causes the most excitement is the par five eighteenth that’s a large 651 yards. Water splits its fairway meaning golfers have to be extra careful. The Earth was designed by Greg Norman, an Australian golfer. It goes on and one for 7, 675 yards with a 72 par. The course has plenty of bunkers so golfers are advised to have their sand wedges to have an enjoyable round. The course has stepladders placed in the traps meaning there will be no strain on your muscles. To access the green you will need to pay £100 or AED 595.

Put together, all the courses listed offer golf enthusiasts 90 holes in warm pleasant weather conditions.

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