Will Molly’s Game be bigger than Rounders in the Gambling Movie Stakes

This is the question that is on poker lovers lips. Will Molly’s Game be the new cult movie for poker? Based on a true story this movie has already received a lot of publicity before it has even finished production cycles. This will definitely result in high box office takings. Higher than that of Rounders which critics had written off after the first couple of screenings. However, the question is not which movie will come out on top in terms of revenue rather which movie is the better Poker movie. Anyway it would be unfair to compare box office takings. Molly’s Game has the advantage of having toponlinecasinos, mobile games and social poker sites having already popularised Poker more than it was back in 1998 when Rounders was released.


The movie Rounders built its own legacy, from being a little known movie to being rated as the best Poker movie of all time and possible the greatest gambling movie ever. This is thanks to great acting and directing. The powerful script of the movie Rounders also captivates audiences up to this day. It has been described as the only movie that truly manages to portray the thrills, tension and energy in the game. If you are a poker fan, visit the site for more info about online poker. Will Molly’s Game be equal to the task? The proof of the pie is in the eating.

Molly’s Game is based on the real life story of Molly Bloom according her Memoirs. The book titled, “Molly’s Game: from Hollywood’s Elite to Wall Street Billionaire Boys’ Club, My High-Stakes adventure in the World of Underground Poker” has been a huge success. We wait to see if Aaron Sorkin can turn it into a hit movie. The cast promises to have some very good actors but will the combination be enough to dethrone Rounders as the best Poker movie of all time?

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