Why Travel ‘Exclusivity’ is Becoming a Thing of the Past

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact I reckon it’s a good thing, that of how exclusivity in travel is rather rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Give me a moment to explain why this is so and you’ll perhaps also realise that it’s actually a good thing.

More Affordability

Trust me, as someone who has travelled as a deferred student on their gap year, I know all about budget travel, luxury travel and the very wide expanse which seems to exist between those two worlds. I suggest an “apparent” expanse because what travelling on a budget has also taught me is that it’s all about perception. I mean the guy who pays double the amount everybody else pays to fly Business Class is still going to terminate at the same destination all passengers flying Economy are, is he not?

Similarly, someone who witnesses a water show displayed at a destination other than Las Vegas, which was previously in a sense exclusively synonymous with these types of attractions, still enjoys all which this spectacle offers without the need to pay a premium price for what may have been previously sold as exclusivity to justify that price.

Holiday Destination Thrills On-Tap

The effects of this bleeding exclusivity in the travel industry are quite profound to say the least, bordering on some literal irony if there is such a thing. What’s happening is that because you can pretty much organise to have something like a fountain show for any event at any venue you choose, not having to fly all the way to a place like Las Vegas to otherwise enjoy what was previously an exclusivity of that destination makes flying all the way there in any case so much cheaper since the demand is not that high anymore!

Holiday destination thrills are now available on-tap and exactly what you enjoy is pretty much only limited to your imagination instead of your budget.

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