Why Should Young Families Choose Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels?

Taking a holiday can be tough when you’re the head of a young family. It’s supposed to be a break, but between worrying about keeping the little ones entertained and the chequebook balanced the whole thing can get a little stressful. That’s why forward planning is always the best idea, and you should start by researching the best accommodation options to meet your needs.

Now, you probably assume that means looking at different hotels, but why not consider another type of accommodation entirely? Serviced apartments can be perfect for younger families, and here are just a few reasons why.

Space to Be Together

Even if your chosen location offers plenty of things to see and do, your little ones are going to get tired out at some point. As such, you might find yourself spending plenty of time in your accommodation. Serviced apartments are ideal since they’re basically a home away from home. With a lounge area where you can play games or watch TV, it’s no chore being stuck inside.

Peace of Mind

Security is always going to be a concern when you’re travelling with young children. Again, serviced apartments are excellent in this regard. Firstly, there should only be a few people staying in the same house. Secondly, you’ll be the only person with a key to your apartment. Thirdly, you’ll all be staying in the same place –  no dividing up the family between different hotel rooms.

Easy Meal Prep

Serviced apartments come with their own fully-fitted kitchens, and that can be a huge advantage for young families. Kids tend to be fussy eaters. Even if they aren’t, you might not enjoy having to find child-friendly restaurants every night of your trip. Far easier to stay in and cook meals yourself – you can also prepare packed lunches to make sure your kids (and yourselves!) don’t get hungry in the middle of the day.   

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