Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Off to Edinburgh but don’t know where to stay? if so, read on for recommendations…

#1: Prestonfield House

Set in 14-acre grounds, Prestonfield House is a romantic seventeenth century building with the features of that era still preserved. It is the most sumptuous hotel in Scotland with highly individualistic rooms, hand-picked artefacts and antiques and the remarkable house restaurant Rhubarb. Guests are welcomed with a bottle of champagne. The hotel accommodates more celebrity guests and hosts many an award dinner than most other hotels in town.

 #2: Channings

Channings is a four star hotel that has been formed by joining together five townhouses. Channings pampers guests with efficient and individualized care and 24-hour room service. The five rooms on the top floor, The Shackleton Suites, have fabulous bathrooms and provide great views. A polar explorer once stayed here and the walls are adorned with the pictures of his expedition. Chef Karen Mackay is in charge of the restaurant with a garden terrace and a pleasant bar.

#3: Tigerlily

This new and surprisingly large hotel in Edinburgh offers cheaper rooms and sits on top of the Tigerlily bar and restaurant. Rooms are fabulous and are of metal, pale wood and glass construction.

#4: The Bonham

The hotel provides cosmopolitan ambience as well as service is largely frequented by celebrities. The rooms are stylish with bold color schemes and offer great views of New Town from floor two onwards. The spacious restaurant is elegant and calm. The chef Michel Bouyer makes an Auld Alliance of best Scottish ingredients as well as French flair.

#5: Le Monde

Le Monde, built in 2006, is a well-defined boutique hotel located on Edinburgh’s designer street. The rooms are named after world cities and are accordingly designed. The names of rooms include Havana, New York, Rome and even Dublin. The hotel has been built with a lot of attention given to details and beds; bathrooms and other facilities are excellent.

#6: Ten Hill Place

Ten Hill Place, owned by the Royal College of Surgeons, is a premier city center hotel in Edinburgh with 77 smart bedrooms. The hotel that can be easily accessed by walk from Princes Street, the Old Town and other places is located away from the main thoroughfares. No. 10, the restaurant in the hotel, offers seasonal a la carte menu in the evening. Alternatively, you can have tapas, snacks or sharing platters at the newly opened wine bar 10.

#7: The Witchery

Located at the top of the Royal Mile, The Witchery is hidden amidst several ancient buildings in the heart of the historic Old Town in Edinburgh. The restaurant is open all the seven days of the week for lunch, dinner and supper. In addition to Scottish seafood, lamb, beef and game, you can also enjoy Witchery’s renowned Angus beef steak tartar, haggis and briny-fresh seafood platters.

#8: 7 Danube Street

This is a small but wonderful bed and breakfast hotel accommodation that offers three units: single, double as well as twin rooms. The hotel that dates back to the 1800s has retained its antique furniture and features of the period.

In additions to all these hotels, two places that you can consider when you are in Edinburgh are Smartcity Hostels located slightly off the Royal Mile and Dakota located just 10 minutes away from Edinburgh airport.

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