When to visit Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is one India’s most popular states for tourism and all year round, the state attracts thousands of travelers but each season attracts a different crowd – winter months will typically attract trekkers from all over the world while summer months are more likely to draw family travelers due to the relatively warmer temperatures.

Himachal Pradesh packages are quite popular for a number of reasons like ancient temples with enchanting tales, hot springs, incomparable trekking routes and even some delicious local food. During most times of the year tourists visit Himachal with friends and family alike. It is also a popular destinations for couple travelers on their honeymoon or otherwise.

Monsoons in the months of June September make the valleys in Himachal full of lush greenery as thousands of nature lovers visit during the monsoons. If enjoying the mesmerizing natural beauty is high on your agenda, monsoons are a great time to visit Himachal. If you are planning to go trekking, monsoons make the routes quite slippery and hence safety becomes a concern.

However, it is typically summers are when tourists like to visit Himachal Pradesh to get a respite from the heat. As such, different months offer different things for tourists. While winter months can be spent sipping a hot cup of tea snuggled up in a quilt or by the fireplace, during summers one can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and watch the snow on the peaks in the distance. Winters in Himachal can get quite cold and subzero temperatures are quite common in winter months.

During winter months, many shrines and temples located on high altitudes are not open so if this is one of the things you plan to do, summer might be the best time to visit. For example, the trek from Kheerganga continues to Maantalai glacier that devotees visit to worship. However, this temple is only open during four months of the year – the summer months. The remaining eight months it is submerged under 15 ft of ice.

As such, there is no bad time to visit this beautiful mountainous paradise – be it summer, winter or monsoons. It is up to your travel preferences and convenience. It is a good idea to book a Himachal tour package now for the summer season in a few months as you could get a great deal on your travel and accommodations plans.

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