What to Look For in Rail Holidays

Ease, style and comfort are the three words that come to mind when describing the benefits of a rail holiday. Your destinations have been carefully chosen and all you should have to do is board your carriage and head off to new sights and adventures.

Where can I go?

When choosing your vacation, you’ll obviously have to work out which part of the world you’d like to visit and tailor your budget accordingly. Treyn rail journeys offer great quality, reasonably-priced trips that won’t break the bank.


One of the main benefits of taking this type of holiday is that the tour operator carries out the entire organisational planning on your behalf. They can take you across the Alps, right through the USA, or even send you through Mongolia and China.


You should make sure that your journey has a Tour Director; this invaluable person will be able to iron out any problems you may have and give you a detailed and professional briefing on your approaching destination. For example, when travelling in China, not every passenger will have a thorough command of Mandarin, but your Tour Director should either be a Mandarin speaker themselves, or have liaised with local guides to ensure you are not hassled by language problems.

If you are of a more independent nature, look for a company that offers plenty of free time. You’ll usually find this information in their holiday itinerary section, either online or in the brochure.

Problem free

While it’s always tempting fate to suggest that something is ‘problem free’, the idea of boarding a train at St Pancras, heading off to Europe and then having any connecting train journeys organised on your behalf is extraordinarily enticing.

If there are any difficulties – perhaps the TGV is having a one day unexpected strike – then you should check that your tour operator will have this covered. They are usually wonderfully composed when it comes to emergencies, and this is another benefit for this type of holiday.


In recent years, travelling around the UK by train has become increasingly expensive and problematic. The amount of times that Sunday service is suspended as a result of ubiquitous engineering works is no longer a joke, but a specifically tailored rail holiday can banish these woes, so you’ll actually be able to enjoy your journey. Sit in the comfort of the carriages and even have a delicious meal included as part of your fare – a tour around Brontë country is a great UK journey and all you’ll have to do is remember to pack a copy of Wuthering Heights!


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