What is a Mini-Moon & Why Should You Book One?

You don’t need to be obsessed with bridal magazines and wedding cake blogs to know what a honeymoon is, but how about a mini-moon? It’s a relatively new concept, but it’s one that’s gaining steam fast.

Essentially, a mini-moon is a small trip you take right after your wedding instead of the traditional honeymoon. Most people will then have their honeymoon proper a few months later. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a mini-moon.

A Chance to Unwind

Even if money isn’t an issue, putting together a wedding is hard. By the time everything is over, you might not even feel up to an extended honeymoon, especially if you want things to be more active than just sitting around on the beach. A mini-moon provides an ideal chance to unwind without forcing you to be away from home for too long. Also, you can have just the right kind of privacy you desire to open up with your partner. You can explore each other inside out as well as get to know about each other’s choices and preferences. To make the most out of your mini-moon time, you can also introduce some catalysts such as pheromones or porn videos like those available on Sex Movr that can help you achieve the orgasm you desire after working so hard to keep up with the wedding festivities.

Saves a Little Money

So, did you know weddings can be a little on the expensive side? Shocking, we know. The bottom line is that you probably won’t be rolling in cash by the end of the wedding; even if your parents are helping you out, it can be a financial strain. Instead of having to go on a substandard honeymoon or cut into your wedding budget, book a minimoon instead. You can have the break you need without breaking the bank, then take the trip of your dreams once you’ve had time to add a little more money to the coffers.

Easier to Arrange

Sometimes it’s not a matter of money as much as time that stands in the way of a good honeymoon. Taking the time out from planning your wedding to put together a full-length holiday can be tough, and, truth be told, it might be hard getting the time off if you’re both working. Mini-moons are shorter and easier to plan. Instead of taking a trip to the United States, you can simply have a charming city break somewhere like Bristol or Winchester.

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