What are some things to do while visiting Germany that a tourist might not know about?

A good Germany tour package will include most of the things you’ve probably already read about or seen so it may not be such a bad idea to ignore what Germany packages say and take the road less travelled and visit some of the places that a lot of tourists and first time visitors to the country may not know about.


For example, treat yourself to a plate of Labskaus. Prepared using tiny bits of salted beef, potatoes, onions and red beets mashed all together before topping the lump with fried egg and pickles and adding some herring rollmops to the side. Labskaus has a sweet yet salty flavor and traces its origins to sailors who first created it using the foods that were available to them.

You could also fly in a Zeppelin airship in Friedrichshafen where the Zeppelin was not only invented, but you can still take a flight from this lakeside town aboard one of the world’s most romantic journey with panoramic windows, spacious seats floating 1,000 feet above the shimmering blue of Lake Constance, with a view of the snow-capped Alps to the south and the lush vineyards and orchards to the north. No Germany Holiday package will give you an experience like this.

Another great idea for an unconventional experience is a vacation on the farm where families can escape the chaos of daily life and enjoy the peace and relaxation of a rural vacation. Choose from accommodations at an authentic farmhouse, pony farm or vineyard, or simply a quaint country cottage to get away from it all.  A typical vacation will be spent in the stables, milking cows, on the tractor on the field or baking bread with the farmer’s wife. Anybody who has had the chance to experience the hospitality and cordiality of Bavarian farmers is sure to confirm that a farm holiday is a holiday among friends.

Coffe Baum in Leipzig is the second-oldest cafe in Europe, after Café Procope in Paris. Opened in 1686, it offers three levels of delicious attractions: a first floor restaurant, a second floor assortment of cute cafes and a third floor coffee museum. The Leipziger Lerche, a gooey citrus-floral pastry named after the lark bird is a must have here and is similar to the base of a fruit cake, with a flaky crust stuffed with crushed almonds, nuts and a cherry, symbolizing the lark’s heart; most importantly though, it is delicious.

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