Welcome Back, TSB

If you have ever wondered about the history behind some of the bigger banks on the high street, then you may want to look into the recent re-launch of TSB. Now separated from Lloyds Bank – Lloyds TSB is no longer a single entity – TSB Bank plc have put out a brand new advert to herald their return.

The advert is a nice little animated short, lasting just two and a half minutes, and it’s actually a pretty interesting watch. It’s certainly worth such a tiny sliver of your time. Basically, back in 1810, the Reverend Henry Duncan started the very first trustee savings bank. This bank paid out a little interest to its patrons for their custom, and it also loaned out money at similar rates. Duncan set up the bank in order to help some of his struggling parishioners get on their feet and keep the local community alive and kicking.

The ad goes on to talk about the “dark days” – the recent financial crisis that we all suffered (and are, in fact, still experiencing), and how the banks have completely lost any trust or goodwill that they may have once had with the public.

However, TSB are the ray of sunshine in the otherwise stormy skies. They are here to help, they are here to get communities back on their feet once more. Banks are still good for us, we just have to make sure we’re using the right one.

Overall, it’s a good advert, and it stands up to repeat viewings – it’s certainly very watchable. There’s no annoying sing-song, no catchy jingle that you’ll be repeating in your head for days on end, and there’s certainly no meerkats, platypuses, dance troupes or anything else that will leave you tearing your hair out. There’s no forcefulness in the advertising either; just a gentle reminder that sometimes, help is out there.

Good stuff, TSB. Keep it up.

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