Weekend Escapes You Must Consider In 2016


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Many people don’t take advantage of their weekends enough. But these two days can be utilised so much better with a bit of planning and thought. Escaping away for the weekend doesn’t have to be stressful or problematic. It can be quite exciting and full of fun and adventure. If you are a couple or family, there isn’t anything stopping you from jetting off somewhere for the weekend. Of course, finances don’t allow us all to do this every weekend. But if you are considering it, then here are the types weekend escapes you should consider.

A sightseeing weekend.

If you are the type of person who likes to see the sights then a sightseeing weekend will be your perfect weekend escape. You may want to marvel at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or visit the Nou Camp in Barcelona. Whatever floats your boat, you are bound to find a European city to suit. Perhaps taking your sightseeing adventure one step further by booking a tour with Touriocity. Ensuring you see everything that is worth seeing in your chosen destination.

Sightseeing is perfect if you are travelling in a couple but equally as a family to. It can be quite educational for young children to learn about different cities and cultures.


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A camping weekend.

If you like the great outdoors then why not consider a weekend escape camping with loved ones. Camping provides a lot of entertainment and allows you to be amongst nature. If you have a family where children are glued to their tablet devices or phones, then this weekend escape could be just what the family needs. A chance to be in a location without much internet access can spark their imaginations and have some good old-fashioned fun.

Camping isn’t just for families, though. Couples can have an equally good time spending time in the country and enjoying each others company.

A new city to explore weekend.

If you are more of a city person then why not use the weekend as a chance to explore a new city. Allowing you to soak in the vibe of new bars and restaurants. Or sip your coffee and allow the time to drift by while you people watch.

There is always something to do in different cities. Being educational by looking around museums, or just enjoying a different culture.

A romantic weekend.

Of course, the weekend gives you an opportunity to book a romantic escape away for you and your loved one. You could take in the most romantic cities in Europe such as Paris or Rome. Or if you are travelling at Christmas use it as a chance to experience some of the amazing christmas markets dotted around. A luxurious hotel and good company could be all you need for a little bit of romance.

A family adventure weekend.

Alternatively, if romance isn’t possible because of young kids then why not head out for a family adventure somewhere. Use the weekend to escape to a fun filled theme park like Disneyland or have an adventure weekend in the country.

I hope this post provides you with some inspiration to escape yourself one weekend.

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