Wait: Read This Before Booking Your Accommodation

Booking accommodation can be tricky sometimes. As your accommodation is the backdrop to your whole trip, you want to make sure that it’s somewhere you can prepare for the day ahead, relax after exploring, and maybe even continue your adventures. You should never book your accommodation without putting some real thought into it first! Read on if you need to book great accommodation for your trip…

Where is this Place Located?

You may have heard that a place is particularly good to stay, but it’ll be no good to you if it isn’t in the right location. Do you really want to have to take 3 buses a ferry and a jumbo jet to arrive at that museum you were thinking of visiting? Of course you don’t! The place you stay doesn’t necessarily need to be central to your activities, but it shouldn’t be far off. This will eliminate much of the hassle involved with travelling and save you some cash.

What Facilities Does it Have?

Facilities are important when looking at hotels, so think about what’s important to you as you travel. Will you need a large bathroom? Gym facilities? Or are you just concerned that your bed is nice and comfortable? Make a list of facilities that are non-negotiable for your trip so that you can eliminate places out of the running as quickly as possible. Some people prefer villa holidays, as they have everything they need minus staff on a desk and cleaners!

Does it Have Great Reviews?

Great reviews will be a huge giveaway as to whether this place is worth a stay or not. Don’t just read the reviews on the website though; go to impartial sites to read reviews so you know they are honest and unedited. Word of mouth reviews from people who have really stayed there will be your biggest help in finding the perfect accommodation.

How’s the Customer Service?

Customer service is a huge bonus when staying somewhere, so you want to make sure that this place is up to scratch. You might think that you can’t possibly know that until you stay there, but there are ways you can get an idea! Why not call up with a question and see how they handle the call? Be a little awkward and see how they handle it. If they handle it well, then you’ve found a hotel with a wonderful customer service policy. Many hotels in Berlin pride themselves on their customer service policy. You never know when you might need it!

Do You Know Anybody Who Has Stayed Here?

Do you know anybody personally who has stayed in this place? There’s nobody you can trust better to tell you the truth than your family and close friends. If you get a recommendation from them to begin with, you can pretty much skip the other steps!

Your accommodation can make or break a trip, so don’t hesitate to be a little fussy when you’re finding the perfect place. Use the steps in this guide so you can feel confident that you’re going to arrive somewhere amazing, and not guest house Paradiso.

Now you can book your accommodation with confidence!

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