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The sun rises on the horizon of your favourite holiday destination, and as the first rays of light hit the window, you can turn over and cuddle up to the pillows, safe in the knowledge you won’t be disturbed by hotel staff or your fellow noisy holidaymakers traipsing out to experience the attractions beyond. Yes, in this particular fantasy, you’re lucky enough to be staying in a villa, a choice of accommodation that has proved ever endearing to the privacy-seeking tourist over the years.

So why are they so popular? What makes them so attractive? It comes down to a variety of reasons, which we will explore, but if the above fantasy has already got you craving a holiday, you can get started by booking here. If you still need some persuading that villa accommodation is definitely for you, then read on.

Villas offer privacy away from other holidaymakers
Villas offer privacy away from other holidaymakers


If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that has a little bit more personality than a standard hotel room, a villa is definitely the option for you. Of course, it depends how far you book in advance – the better venues are often snapped up quick – but the opportunity is there to grab something really different and unique. Many villas are carefully constructed from their own blueprints and with the local area in mind. As such, you’ll likely be treated to stunning views, lovely decor and an extensive grounds. You don’t even have to forsake the luxuries of a hotel – some villas have swimming pools, spas and even saunas built in.


While villas are often staffed by fewer people than hotels, the level of service you can expect is generally much higher as one or two staff members will be solely dedicated to your entire party. This means you will be lucky enough to experience a more personal level of service as the employees are able to remember the way you like your holiday. This makes for much more homely accommodation. So, in case, you are traveling to an exotic vacation destination like Mykonos, Greece, you might want to book one of the mykonos luxury villas for the stay of your family. That way, you might be able to receive special treatment as the staff would be only serving you.


With multiple bedrooms, extensive grounds, privacy and access to kitchens, many people assume villas are more expensive than hotels. This is not usually the case – especially on a person-by-person basis. Booking a villa, you’ll be able to deal directly with the owner or company who owns it and fees for amenities such as internet access are more often than not included in the price. If you book the right villa, you might even be able to secure any amount of extras, including complimentary breakfasts, transport to and from the airport and high-standard bath and body products.

Villa versus hotel

But rather than preach more advantages to villas at you, we simply ask what you value on your holiday. If you like your privacy, space and to be surrounded by character and natural beauty, you should definitely consider a villa the next time you go abroad. Packages can be found that are suited to everyone and it’s a form of accommodation you can guarantee will be appreciated by everyone in your party.

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