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If you are looking for an unusual place to take your group to, the House of Marbles that is located in Tracey in Devon will surely catch your interest. It is a free attraction that you will like to visit no matter whether you are a marble enthusiast or not.

The House of marbles is a unique and one-of-its kind tourist attraction that is home to the rarest marbles in the world. The most unusual specimens can be found here and each marble has a story behind it (as to how it was made). It is fascinating for each visitor to learn about their origin during their visit to the House of Marbles. The House of Marbles is home to several marble runs that include the famous ‘Snooki’.

A trip to the House of Marbles can help you to visit three tourist attractions in a single trip: The House of Marbles museum, a glass factory, and a games museum. You get the chance to learn the history of Bovey Tracey pottery, learn about blowing glass, and also make a trip to the games museum that is replete with many board and marble games that one can think of, dating back from the 1600s.

Other attractions that can keep you busy are a restaurant and a shop. A bright day can give you the impetus to step into the gardens and enjoy the marble fountain, giant chess set, marble games skittles and other playthings for children. It is important that you set aside a few hours for the visit to the museum in order to enjoy it thoroughly.

The Longest Marble Run

The House of Marbles is home to Snooki the world’s longest marble run. Snooki is the largest among several marble runs designed by Alex Schmid.

Glass Blowing

Another attraction is the working glass blowing factory. The working craftsmen provide live demonstrations of how glass is blown. You are led on to a display round to familiarise you with the history of glass making. There is a museum shop that sells products that are made in the glass factory.

The House of Marbles is located at The Old Pottery, Pottery Road Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ139DS. The House of Marbles can be reached at the telephone bearing number 016126835358 for any details that you may want. You can also get additional information from their website at www.houseofmarbles.com.

The House of Marbles is open through the week from Monday through Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm. Sunday visitor timings are between 10 am and 5 pm. The admission to the museum and parking are free.

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