Travelling to Barbados with the Family What You Need to Know

Travelling to Barbados with the Family What You Need to KnowBarbados is considered one of the ideal holiday destinations as it offers so much for everyone, including families. Regardless of the age of a family member, you will soon discover that there is so much on offer. Whether you choose to stay in the Tamarind Barbados or another resort, you will love every element of this holiday.

The picture postcard scenery, child friendly water and strong infrastructure for tourism ensure that this destination remains a top choice. You will enjoy the fact that many of the activities that are available are aimed at keeping the family together. There are several things that you need to plan before leaving home, including accommodation and activities.

Where to Stay

There are many different options when you are searching for the perfect accommodation in Barbados, and a vast majority of them are family friendly. Several of the resorts are located on the beach front, which is ideal for families and people wanting easy access to the beach. The larger resorts are located in the north and east, and these are more vibrant and cater for the younger tourists. However, Barbados is a small island; therefore, everything is in proximity.

Activities for the Whole family

Once you know where you will be staying, you can begin to plan the rest of your holiday, which will include family friendly activities. The sea and beaches are a large part of the area, and water sports are a terrific way to get everyone involved. Kayaking, swimming and snorkeling are all excellent ideas that everyone can join in with whilst on holiday.

Adventures for the Family

There are different amusement parks and places to take the kids that will ensure they are kept busy for a few hours. Escaping Tamarind Barbados and heading under the sea is an adventure and should discover Atlantis Adventures. This is the perfect way to see under the water as you climb inside the submarine and travel through the sea life’s natural habitat.

There are also jeep safaris if you prefer to remain on solid ground which will take you through the wildlife reserve, exploring all the animals. Your kids may also want to spend time with the leatherback turtles, and there is the opportunity to swim with them. If your visit is throughout the winter months, you may be able to help with the annual release of the small turtle hatchlings.

Get Everyone Involved

As with all family holidays, you need to discuss what everyone wants to do, and ensure that you include them in the decision making process. Children get bored easily, however if they have helped to choose some of the activities, they are likely to remain focused for longer.

You want to make sure that you find a balance between cultural experiences and fun things to do whilst on holiday. You should also make sure that you schedule time for Mum and Dad, and there are some excellent kids clubs available. They will love the freedom, and you will love the peace and quiet for a few hours.


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