Travelling the World: Tips and Tricks

Travelling the world is a once in a lifetime experience for many people. It requires a lot of planning, money, and determination to get to where you want to be. You’ll need to save, save, save to get started. Once you’ve started, you’ll then need to scrimp to make sure you don’t run out of cash. Travelling the world can be a scary prospect, whether you’re planning on doing it alone or with a friend. These tips and tricks should get you off on the right foot:

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Make Sure You Do It

My first tip when it comes to traveling the world: make sure you do it. Many people talk about it, say how they would love to do the same, but never take action. This is usually because they are full of excuses. If you really want to travel, you’ll find a way. Don’t be afraid – embrace the fear and do it anyway!

Explore a Variety of Places

There’s the tourist trails, that just about everybody follows, and then there’s the less popular places that don’t see a lot of tourism. Make sure you do a mixture of both. You may have some of your best experiences in a place that isn’t popular with tourists. Also bear in mind that this isn’t guaranteed. You may want to try something like the Patagonia adventure expedition, for example.

Stay Connected

Staying in touch with the people who love you is important when traveling. You’ll never be lonely, but it’s unlikely that the relationships you build will last very long at all. Even if you just send postcards, remember to touch base every once in a while.

Look After Number One

When travelling, you may feel as if this is one big holiday. This could lead to slacking when it comes to exercise, sleep, and eating right. If you can try to get enough sleep each night and take care of your body where possible, you’ll feel much better. Many workout routines don’t require a gym!

Pack Light

The more experienced a traveller you become, the lighter you’ll be able to pack. As a general rule, I say if you’re in doubt then you don’t need it.

Try Not to Plan Everything

You don’t know how you’re going to feel when you end up in a certain place. You might want to stay for months. You might want to leave after just a few weeks. By leaving most of your trip to fate, you’re sure to have a much better time. Most people like to go on a safari or two when travelling, so check out this guide to help you choose one.

Write a Journal

I highly recommend you write a blog or journal about your travels. Including information like names of people, things you talked about, and what you thought of a new experience will be nice for you to look back on.

I hope you found these tips useful. Have the time of your life travelling!

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