Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Caribbean Destination

Perfect Caribbean DestinationCaribbean all inclusive holidays are incredibly popular, however, with so many different islands to choose the decision process can be daunting. You need to decide whether you want a vibrant place to party, or a quieter retreat to relax. Both are available if you know what to look for in the holiday destination.

Easy access is something that some travellers yearn for when they are searching for a holiday destination. The Caribbean offers many different places all of which are attractive and delightful to visit. The top destinations for ease of travel are:

The Bahamas- these are close to the US, and offer 700 different islands to enjoy and explore. They offer vibrant nightlife, excellent diving and party revellers.

Jamaica- is often considered to be the centre of the Caribbean lifestyle and offers exotic Caribbean all inclusive holidays, alongside a laid back atmosphere.

Aruba- is the place to visit when you want untouched beaches and world class resorts. There is an abundance of malls, and top class restaurants to enjoy.

If you want to travel further afield, you may want to consider:

Antigua- offers a range of both small intimate resorts, with upper class luxury accommodation. There is a rich colonial history to explore, and the harbour is the place to be seen.

Barbados– this small island is popular with the English speakers and is perfect for water lovers and sun worshipers.

Anguilla- is tiny compared to the other choices but offers stunning white sandy beaches and luxurious low cost holidays.

Cuba- is massive in comparison to the other islands, and offers a unique time capsule to explore. There is music and dancing, mixed with delicious food and plenty of drinking.

Dominican Republic- is one of the popular places to visit and has a large Hispanic community and culture. This is an ideal location for thrill seekers and adventurous visitors seeking something different.

Haiti– is never out of the headlines, and is considered a challenging destination, but it continues to be visited by foreigners.

St Kitts– is ideal for Caribbean all inclusive holidays as it has grand, expensive hotels and resorts which appeal to many people.

Martinique- this is the most sprawling town and has a distinct non tourist feel about it if you want isolated and natural places o explore this destination is perfect.

St Lucia- beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and exciting water adventures will attract you to this location.  Romantics and nature lovers are drawn to this island, and there is plenty on offer.

Trinidad- overshadows its neighbour due to the sheer size of this island and is the ideal place for party goers and thrill seekers.

Tobago- is far smaller than Trinidad and has everything that the other island lacks. You can find tranquillity, nature resorts and relaxing spas.

US Virgin Islands– is often the first place that Americans visit due to the home comforts that are on offer. The resorts are ideal for people who want a holiday without stepping too far out of their comfort zone.



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