Top sites and apps for your travels

Whilst going on holiday used to be all about remembering to pack your toothbrush and swimming costume, now it’s a little more complicated.

This is because many of us will now feel compelled to take our mobile devices with us so that we can take advantage of these great sites and apps.

Translation apps



One of the most confusing things about being abroad is trying to communicate in a foreign language. Thankfully with a little bit of preparation and the Duolingo app, you can quickly get to grips with even the most obscure language.

And should you wish to leave it until the last possible minute, then the Flitto translation app offers a fast and accurate crowd-sourced way for you to try and understand a particularly bewildering item on the menu.

Entertainment apps


Whilst we can all enjoy lower airfares and a broader range of destinations, many of us still fear being stuck in an airport departure lounge. Thankfully most airports now have free Wi-Fi which means that you can easily pass the hours with streaming sites such as Viewster that feature a range of TV shows and movies that are all able to be viewed for free.

Should you wish for entertainment that is a little more immersive, then Fortune Palace provide access to the potentially lucrative world of online casinos via an array of websites that offer games ranging from blackjack to slots that should keep you entertained away from home.

Money apps


Another troubling issue when abroad is trying to figure out the exchange range for a foreign currency. The aptly-named Currency app provides a user-friendly swipeable way to quickly work out how much that garish seaside souvenir really is. And for those who like to reflect over how much they could have saved or lost, then app also provides a graph of past conversions for that particular currency.

When we are away from home, many of us will have been caught out by missing a payment or a bill. But thanks to apps like Skrill, you can make a digital payment from your mobile device without any unnecessary charges. The app is also handy to have when abroad as it allows you to transfer funds from your account balance to your debit card almost instantly – particularly useful when you realise that you’ve just spent the last of your holiday budget on that extra glass of champagne.

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