Top Casinos to visit when travelling in Asia

When thinking of world casinos, many people don’t first think of the continent of Asia. However, maybe they should give the fact that some of the best casinos are found in the region. Macau, one of two regions within China, offers some top casinos to visit. Many of these have been located on what is referred to as the Cotai Strip. This region is similar to the Vegas Strip which it has surpassed in overall gambling revenue.

The largest casino found in Macau is the Venetian Macau. While its concept is related to its sister casino in Vegas, the Venetian Macau was built with much larger proportions.



The casino floor offers over a half million square feet. Filling this behemoth space are 3400 slot machine games and 800 table games. The immense space is divided into four gaming areas each with its own theme. These areas include the Golden Fish, Red Dragon, Phoenix and Imperial House.

A special area for high rollers is the Paiza Club which is further segmented into smaller private gamingrooms. The Venetian does also capitalize on a theme using the Italian city of Venice. Expect to find a similar canal system complete with gondolas and gondoliers.
Another top casino in Macau that has a Vegas relative is the MGM Macau. The casino here offers gaming salons for high rollers. Open 24 hours daily, the casino at the MGM Macau does have an admittingly smaller gaming floor than the Venetian. Measuring almost 300,000 square feet, this size is still nothing to turn one’s nose at. A variety of gaming machines are found to the tune of 1271 machines. Table games are quite popular here so the casino has included 427 tables within their gaming floor. Visitors to the MGM Macau can choose from dining in seven different restaurants and may stay in the adjoining hotel which offers over 500 rooms. It offers up a much better atmosphere than playing on sites like Gaming Club

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