Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2013

There are some terrific spots around the world to launch a summer vacation this year, and different locations around the planet offer the best in activities like active vacations, extreme experiences, and budget-friendly travel.

The following locations are 2013’s best travel destinations:

1. Best Place for a Historical Tour: Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Each year, the United Kingdom chooses a town in the country to be the “City of Culture.” Londonderry is the 2013 City of Culture, and during this celebration there will be a number of events celebrating the history and culture of the town. One event to look forward to is the All Ireland Fleadh, which is a large Irish festival that lasts 10 days.

2. Best Place for a Safari: Selous Reserve, Tanzania
There are some amazing experiences to be had in Africa on a safari, and the Selous Reserve in Tanzania offers some amazing ways to get up-close and personal with wild elephants. The majestic animals come quite close to the housing facilities, and there are multiple opportunities around the reserve to see entire herds of elephants. Visitors often come back with stories of getting so close to the elephants that they can touch the animals with an outstretched arm.

3. Best Place for an Extreme Summer Vacation: Death Valley, USA

The temperatures in Death Valley soar to levels about 120 Fahrenheit, and the spectacular vistas often look like a moonscape. Offering incredible views from a number of vantage points, visitors can see a giant crater, visit a huge house built in the middle of nowhere, and stand in the lowest point in North America.

4. Best Place for an Active Vacation: Riccione, Italy

Anyone who wants to have an adventure vacation will want to consider Riccione, Italy as this area of northern Italy caters to active cyclists, swimmers, and runner. There are official triathlon training opportunities as well as a strong active community in the area that welcomes adventurers of all types. In Italy, a traveler doesn’t need to be incredibly advanced with their exercise habits and need only enjoy being outdoors and active.

5. Best Budget-Friendly Destination: Rio, Brazil

Brazil offers some amazing views of a South American paradise, and now might be the best time to visit Rio on a vacation. The country is putting some serious money into developing tourist accommodations and new venues due to the arrival of the World Cup (scheduled for 2014) and the next Summer Olympic Games (arriving in 2016). After these major events come and go, the price to go to Rio might jump, so now’s the time to get an inexpensive vacation to paradise.

Helpful Travel Tips

There are a few details most families will need to consider when leaving on a vacation, and making sure the home and pets remain in healthy condition is important. This means making sure that a pet sitter is available during the family’s absence or that a local pet care facility has room during the summer. Making reservations early, is critical when booking summer travel since it’s a busy time.

In addition, a call to the homeowner’s insurance company might also be necessary to make sure coverage doesn’t need to change during a vacation absence. If you haven’t purchased any insurance plans you can check rates and quotes at Most homeowner’s insurance policies require a family remains in residence, for coverage to be active, so lengthy travel might require some policy additions.

Finding a terrific spot for a vacation in 2013 is easy with so many different destinations offering amazing experiences and opportunities that are perfect for different families and travelers

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