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 Taking the family on a break? There’s nothing us brits love more than a bit of sun, sea and sand. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of taking a well-needed break, there are some things you should remember. Being prepared is paramount! Regardless of where you’re jetting off to, there are some essentials you should take that will help to make your trip more easier. Have a look below at five things you’ll need to make your trip go smoothly.


We’ll get this one out of the way first. It’s easy to leave this behind when you’re focusing on the most practical things to bring with you. However, although you don’t need one, a camera is indispensable when it comes to remembering the great times you had. Capturing your memories is one of the best things about going on a holiday. It’s always a real treat when you return home and can flick through a few snaps to ease up post-holiday blues. Play about with making videos and also take another SD card if you’re going away for a long while. Make sure to charge your batteries every night so you’re good to go the next day!


Time to get serious. Passports are pretty important when going away. In fact you should know that without one, you don’t stand a chance of making it through the airport, let aloe onto the plane! Make sure you get passports for you whole family sorted out well in advance. The application process for passports can be quite lengthy. You should make enquiries if you know you’re planning to jet away sometime this year. Your application will involve you preparing various documents and sending them off for approval. Depending on your situation, you and your family may have to attend an interview in order to get your hands on it. Places such as the Belfast Passport Office conduct these interviews, although it will depend on your location.


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First Aid

Any good parent knows that kids are professionals in getting up to mischief. That mischief can often involve a few cuts and bumps! Wherever you’re vacationing, there is bound to be medical staff to help if a child (or an adult) hurts themselves. However, it’s always good to have a few of your own supplies to help remedy the situation yourself, especially if it’s nothing too serious. Bandages, gauze, cold kits as well as a variety of medicinal remedies should do the trick. Even when you take all of this stuff, remember – you’re not a professional! If something serious comes up, it’s best to let a veteran deal with it.


Even if you’re posted up at a hotel, you may want to go exploring at some point. Whilst you should adhere to avoid certain areas, it doesn’t mean you can’t stroll about somewhere else. Obviously, being in a new place means you won’t have a clue where things are, and that’s where a map comes in handy. In most cases, it’s not getting somewhere that is the problem, but finding your way back! You can most likely purchase a map from a tourist shop (there maybe one on site if you’re at a hotel). Better yet, if you have a GPS system, you can find places of interest quickly and easily.


This may seem like the most obvious thing on the list! When we say money, what we mean specifically is plenty of it, and in many forms. You never know what kind of currency might be more accepted in certain places. Using your card is an option. However, if anything happens with it, being in a different country can making resolving the problem take a lot longer. To be honest, having cash to hand is just handy!

Hopefully, taking these tips on board will help make your holiday a lot more hassle-free. Now pack your suitcase and jet off!

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