Things To See And Do In Scotland For Your Annual Holiday


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Scotland is an incredible place to live or visit. Yes, the climate is a little wetter and colder than in England or Wales. But there is plenty to compensate for that. The hills and mountains in Scotland are bigger and more rugged than many of their Welsh counterparts, so for serious hiking, it has plenty to offer. In fact, Ben Nevis is located in Scotland, and it is the highest peak in Britain.

Of course, everyone has heard of the infamous ‘Nessie’, better known as the Loch Ness Monster. Tails of its existence have spread far and wide throughout the world, and travellers come from afar in the hope of catching a glimpse, or even a photograph of this elusive beast from the depths. The Scottish lochs were first formed when the mighty glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age and are now kept topped up by rivers and streams fed by the mountain water runoff.

But what about the towns and cities in Scotland? There is plenty to see and do in them. Here are a few places that may persuade you to spend your holiday in northern parts this year.


Scone Palace is a stunning castle that was the place where more than forty Scottish kings were crowned. Visit the home of the Earl of Mansfield and see the stunning architecture, antique furniture and artwork, and beautiful grounds of this majestic building that still stands proudly.

Perth Museum and Art Gallery is one of the oldest in Britain. It houses natural history displays as well as archeological artifacts and  artwork. The displays are ever changing, and there are free activities for the whole family to enjoy. This museum has a fine reputation. There is a gift shop and ample parking. There is good access for disabled people.


Edinburgh is a city that needs more than a day visit. There are hundreds of things to see and do here and this article can only scratch the surface. It is highly recommended that you find Edinburgh accommodation online, and spend a few days exploring the city.

The Royal Botanic garden is free to enter and houses exotic plants from all over the world. There are over 30 hectares of grounds to explore that provide varied habitats. Enjoy a meal at the high quality restaurant for a fair price. There is ample parking and disabled access throughout.

Visit the Royal Yacht Britannia and see how life on board fared for over forty years of royal sailing. You will see everything from the engine room to the state apartments on your tour which covers five decks of this magnificent vessel.

St Andrews

If you are a golf fanatic, there is nowhere better in the UK than St Andrews to visit. There is the St Andrews course itself, Kingsbarns golf links, and The Himalayas Putting Course, to cater for all golfing abilities.

St Andrews Cathedral is still a magnificent sight to behold. It was once the biggest place of worship in Scotland and a very important social centre in its day. There is a large selection of medieval relics on the museum on site too. Parking is good, as is the access for disabled people.

So before you book your holiday abroad this year, think about staying at home to find out what treasures there are to be had in Scotland. It will open your eyes to things you never knew.

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