The Ultimate Holiday Planning Guide: What You Need to do Prior to Travelling

Planning is critical before embarking on your dream holiday. The thing is, it feels like you are sucking the fun out of what should be a joyful time. Planning is key to ensuring that you have the trip of a lifetime, so do not dismiss compiling a holiday checklist as ‘another boring chore’ but make it a part of your travel fun.

Compiling a checklist may be a tad tedious, but ensuring that you have everything you need to have a safe and happy holiday is crucial. If you are stuck as to where to start, when compiling your holiday checklist, I’ve done the hard work for you. Well, most of it.


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Before You Go:

Ensure that you have your passport and it is in date. Ensure that you apply for visas if required, as well as other required documentation. Without this, you may be denied entry to your chosen country. Check with your tour operator to ensure that you do or do not need visas. Another critical ‘checklist item’ is to ensure that you book airport transfers. If you are unsure where to start, check out transfer experts for reputable advice. Another often overlooked holiday requirement is insurance. Do not be caught short while you travel. It is better to be safe than sorry, so ensure that you book the appropriate insurance for any activities you may be undertaking during your holiday. Likewise, it may be sensible to change a small amount of currency prior to your departure, particularly if you have a late flight. Many hotels have bureau de changes located within them; however, these may be subject to opening times.

Hand Luggage:

Of course, you know better than anyone what you want to take in your hand luggage, but the following items are considered essential, to anyone, especially as they are mainly relating to important documents and finances:

1) Driver’s license and/or personal ID

2) Passport / Visa

3) Cash / wallet

4) Credit cards

5) Airline / train tickets

6) Copies of reservations

7) Itinerary printouts

8) Contact info for hotels, tours, etc.

9) Copies of passport

10) Health insurance cards / documents

11) Travel insurance documents

12) Emergency contact info

Other Miscellaneous Items:

Why is there always a rogue item that gets left out of your packing? When packing it is important to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of clothing and underwear for the trip. Similarly, ensure that you have the appropriate clothing and footwear for your destination. While swimming trunks may be an essential for you if you are staying in a city location and your hotel does not have a pool, then taking swimwear is nonsensical.

Always ensure that you compile a list of relevant toiletries and medicines that you may need while you are away. No one wants to be caught without their toothbrush while they travel! Books and reading material is fairly necessary, to me, when I travel as it passes the time when travelling to excursions or to and from the airport.

Remember; being organised will only heighten the fun that you have while you’re away! Happy travelling.


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