The lure of Espana

There’s a recession on. The ‘staycation’ is in vogue and no-one is going abroad. Right? Wrong! Millions of Brits are still making their annual pilgrimage abroad and they’re still choosing Spain as their number one destination. It offers everything needed for a perfect holiday including value for money.

Greece and Turkey follow Spain in popularity amongst British tourists but Spain continues to stand out because a holiday on the ‘Costas’ is almost a rite of passage. Spain is very well geared up for British people. The thriving ex-pat community guarantees that although people are abroad, it all still feels rather familiar. On the Costa del Sol union jacks flutter outside British pubs which serve beer and cooked breakfasts and you can get a decent cup of tea. Everyone speaks English, the weather is wonderful and the Spanish are so used to us Brits coming to visit that they ‘understand how it is’.

A wide appeal

However this home from home is exactly what many of us don’t want. We want to feel as if we’ve left Blighty and gone somewhere exotic. This is why Spain is such a great holiday destination. Stunning coastlines, immaculate beaches, fabulous authentic food and vibrant fiestas can be found and not just in the traditional hotspots but all over the country. If you enjoy culture and architecture Barcelona is a must-see destination. If you like that plus peace and quiet try Andulucia or Murcia.

Spanish holidays are proving as popular as ever in the Balearic Islands. Mallorca remains a favourite for families and Ibiza still attracts the party goers something which may put some more discerning travellers off. That didn’t dissuade Prime Minster David Cameron who took his young family to Ibiza in 2013, a surprising destination for a statesman or perhaps because the island has something for everyone.

Spain’s capital Madrid is often overlooked because it’s not on the coast. There are plenty of stylish restaurants, courtyard cafes, pleasant parks and stunning buildings to view. Even if you travel to the more popular destinations on the Costa Del Sol or the Costa Brava, you can find peaceful villages and deserted beaches a short drive away. Spain’s official tourism website has lots of useful information about where to visit.

A safe bet

Spanish holidays are also attractive because Spain is a very safe country. Despite suffering economic problems, it has a stable government, the Spanish authorities are fair and efficient and the medical services are excellent. It is part of the European Union. Therefore if the European Medical Insurance Service Card is valid in the country which means if you need emergency medical treatment you will be given it for free. The Foreign Office has specific advice about travelling to Spain.

Whatever you like doing Spain has it on offer. Fresh seafood, world-class tennis and golf, watersports and spectacular scenery and not just on the coast but inland too. When flight-times are just 3 hours and there are still many deals to be had, it’s not hard to see why Spain remains the number one holiday destination for British holidaymakers.

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