The Five Most Romantic Cities in the World


It goes without saying that this city tops the list, with romance being synonymous with this French city. Intimate cafes, lamplight strolls along the Seine, browsing markets in narrow lanes ways or simply taking in the sights – Paris epitomises romance for travellers of all ages. The city’s rich history and architecture is on show in every corner, and transportation is a breeze on the well-maintained and far-reaching Metro. Pack a phrase book and your best beret, and prepare to enjoy a romantic break for two!



There’s something about the decaying walls, the cobblestone streets, and of course, all that water that earns Venice a place in this top five. Built between the banks of the Po and Piave Rivers on 118 small islands, Venice is a maze of building-lined canals that branch off the Grand Canal, and winding cobblestone streets. With no motorised transport permitted on the land areas of the city, quiet strolls allow the visitor to explore at a leisurely pace. Cafes can be found on numerous corners, and you won’t pay the earth if you avoid the popular St Mark’s Square. The wealth of the city’s founders is evident in the opulent churches, palaces, and official buildings, many of which are open to tourists. The city is nestled with a number of exotic resorts that offer couples the ideal place to stay. Those who would love to spend more time inside their rooms, for the sake of lovemaking — think experimenting with different poses perhaps by taking inspiration from SEXM.XXX, could choose from a plethora of accommodations available here.


The surprising American gem is nestled on the South Carolina coast in America’s fabled South. The colourful buildings of the Historic District ooze southern character and charm, with the iconic wrought iron work complementing the gracious homes. The historic district boasts plentiful parks, streets lined with graceful trees, cobblestoned streets, a slow pace of life, and a romantic atmosphere that can’t be beaten in the South. Enjoy Southern hospitality and cuisine, or take advantage of its coastal location for impeccable seafood.

New York

The city that never sleeps has no shortage of romance for the discerning visitor. A year-round must is the iconic Central Park horse-drawn carriage rides. A tourist cliché? Yes. But a romantic experience that transcends seasons nonetheless, whether visitors are enjoying a balmy summer evening under the stars, or rugged up under coats and blankets in winter. With increased security, strolling the miles of tree-lined paths in Central Park are a must. In winter, outdoor ice skating in Central Park or the Rockefeller Center makes for a wonderful evening, capped off with a hot coffee with your partner. The cozy atmosphere of Greenwich Village caps off the romantic’s visit to the big apple.


This little-known Chinese city has long been referred to as the Venice of the East: elegant bridges crossing narrow canals lined with simple whitewashed buildings. The subtropical climate means the city is full of lush green parks and streets are covered with a canopy of leaves. With a population of only a million, this is a small city by Chinese standards and the quiet pace of life is wonderful for a romantic getaway. Visit the Tiger Hill Pagoda – it puts the leaning tower of Pisa to shame – and soak up the atmosphere in this romantic Asian destination.

A quick visit to and you’ll be on your way to a perfect romantic getaway.

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