The Easiest Ways To Make Happy Holiday Memories

If you tallied up the number of holidays you have been on in your lifetime, you might be pleasantly surprised to see the figure equals or betters your age. When we trawl through the holiday snaps, it is rare for us not to be smiling. We remember the beauty of the landscape, the smell of the cuisine and the warmth of the sun. How many places have you holidayed in more than once?

Over 75% of us have revisited a favourite holiday destination. Overseas, popular places to visit more than once include Spain, the canary islands and France. Quite often we look to revisit the same area or even the same resort. If a holiday worked well for you, it makes sense to revisit.


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Some holidays provide such powerful memories for us; we feel drawn to them again and again. This quite often happens with childhood holiday destinations. As children, our experiences are new and emotional for us. We are granted a little more freedom and independence than at home, and explore a little further than we would in a familiar place. These holidays filled our senses when we were young, creating intense memories of scents, sights, sounds, tastes and feelings. We are often happy, relaxed and care-free on holiday. Coastal holidays in places like Devon, Cornwall and Aberystwyth seem very memorable for us.

Returning to a favourite childhood holiday destination is high on most people’s ‘bucket lists’. Some people take it a step further. In addition to visiting old haunts annually, holidayers are looking to buy property in their favourite holiday town or county. Purchasing a holiday home is not just for the sun seekers in places like Spain. Those that purchase holiday villas overseas often buy with the intention of eventually living there, if only part time. Those of us who are very drawn to our childhood holiday places also buy property with the intention of retiring there.

For some, owning property near to the coast saves hours of travelling and hundreds of pounds a year on holiday bills. It provides the freedom to come and go at your convenience and to enjoy meals on your terms rather than set times in the restaurant. It also means you can travel light, keeping a wardrobe of clothes and favourite toiletries in your holiday home. Buying a house a little way from the resort can save you a fortune. Looking at Devon, for example, buying an inexpensive house for sale in Okehampton would be cheaper than buying in seaside favourite Bideford. It also puts you right on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.

If you are determined to purchase a seaside house, there are some beautiful towns on the coast in Wales that will offer good value for money. There are also a growing number of static caravan parks that allow you to purchase a home for use all year round. Wherever you see yourself next summer, have a think about where you might like to see yourself at retirement age. It might just be worth checking out the estate-agent’s window!

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