Take to the Seas: Top 5 Luxury Cruises

If, like me, you’ve watched the Titanic recently and it’s given you the hankering for a big boating adventure. We’ll skip passed the unhappy ending and just appreciate the beauty, elegance and luxury of the Titanic. This is what I want what a Cruise holiday.

I want the fantasy. I want something unforgettable. I want something from a movie. So I decided to make a list of the Top 5 luxury cruise destinations. Some are more affordable than others, but all of them are fabulous. Take a look and starting saving up the pennies.

An African Cruise


To journey deep into the heart of the wild, your adventure begins when you depart on an African Cruise.

The luxury experience offers an exquisite balance of natural beauty and main-made landmarks which take your breath away. Starting at the spice-lover paradise of Morocco, the tour will stop off at various points including wine-tasting favourite South Africa and into a Kenyan game reserve for your personal safari tour.

On board, guests are treated to complimentary wines, multiple shore excursions, first class entertainment and private butler service throughout your trip.

A Far East and Indian Cruise


To unearth the secret of the Orient on your own voyage, embark on the Far East & Indian Ocean Cruise.

From the great port cities of Japan and Raj dynasties of India to old-age cultures of China and stunning beaches of the Thai Islands, guests will experience them all.

This multi-stop tour leaves enough time for voyagers to immerse themselves in the culture of the docked locations and try local delicacies, explore the towns and view some of the best scenery in the world.

On-board the ship, guests will have the choice of 9 bars and restaurants, various leisure activities including aerobics, swimming, night clubbing, table tennis, beauty treatments, spa, whirlpool baths, the library and many more.


A Caribbean Cruise

To step foot on the breath-taking beaches of the Bahamas, hop on the Caribbean Cruise.

The newly-built Queen Elizabeth was named after Her Majesty in 2010 and the interior echoes grace, elegance and luxury. On-board you will find everything from a croquet lawn and shopping arcade to garden lounge and spa facilities.

On your expedition you will explore the capital of the Bahamas, climb the Queen’s Staircase, visit the Fort Charlotte tunnels and observe the vast marine life.


For a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle, board the Seven Seas Voyager to visit Spain, France, Monaco and Italy.

This ‘best of Europe’ cruise is delivered by one of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world who have received constant recognition from the likes of Condé Nast Traveller and multiple travel publications.  If you think you know Europe, think again.


For the ultimate worldwide discovery cruise, the Grand World Voyage from Cruise Kings offers a taste of all continents. Cruise Kings are a great place to scouts about for cheap cruises in budgets are low but the need is great.

The ship’s special feature is a three-floor sculpture located in the atrium and the fact guests can record videos and pictures from their trip to share with loved ones. On your sail you will explore all corners of the earth from the new-age Americas to the spectacle of the Caribbean and scenery of Australasia to the wonders of Asia.

Wherever you end up going on your cruise, I wish you a magical trip. Maybe you’ll meet your own Leo or Kate…


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