Take On New Zealand For An Incredible Holiday Destination In 2015

There are many destinations that make long-haul travel worthwhile. New Zealand is certainly one of the ones that give you the best of everything. There are incredible landscapes and countryside, as well as a thriving city and nightlife. Not many places can outdo New Zealand. Are you looking for gorgeous coasts, friendly people and plenty of opportunities for fun? Then New Zealand could be your destination for 2015.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is situated in a harbour location on the North Island. Getting to Wellington is easy thanks to the airport. And staying in the city gives you access to some of the best nightlife the country has to offer. There are plenty of amazing places to dine too, and sample some of New Zealand’s hottest new chefs.

Wellington is priding itself on becoming a serious International business centre. The gaming industry, in particular, is central to commerce on the island. If you’re not here to study or work, then Wellington still has plenty to offer you. In late July, the city will be celebrating its 150th birthday. There will be plenty of events and activities to keep you partying all weekend.

To see the rest of the island, and even the rest of New Zealand, the humble car is the best way to get about. You can use rental cars to get about, and head deep into the countryside to see some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. New Zealand is lush and green, with hills, trees, and rivers like nowhere else. No wonder this was chosen as the filming location for Lord of the Rings!

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Taking a road trip in New Zealand is great fun, and gives you the chance to see parts of the country you couldn’t experience any other way. Of course, it’s great for nipping down to the beach from wherever you’re staying as well! One place to really see New Zealand is from the top of Mount Victoria. Here, the panoramic views offer an incredible insight to the lay of the land.

For shopping and adventure, Cuba Street is the place to be. You could stay here all day checking out the little stores and boutiques dotted around this central area. The nightlife here is unlike anywhere else around the island too. Live music is very big in this part of New Zealand, and you can usually find an open-mic night somewhere to have a go yourself. Cuba Street is certainly the place for the arts-loving entertainers.

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Cuba Street Carnival pic from Flickr

New Zealand may be the other side of the world for many of us, but it is also a world away from other holiday destinations. If you like to travel, then New Zealand is a great place to explore, and make your own tour up as you go. For a holiday or vacation, New Zealand offers so much to the tourist population. It is no wonder it’s up there in the list of must-see places. Take your holiday in New Zealand this summer and see what it has to offer you.



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