Surprising Your Lover with a Luxury Break: Where to Go

There are many reasons to take your loved one away. Whether it’s because they need a break or because you made a promise, a break is good for you both. However, one of the best reasons to take your loved one away on holiday is as a surprise treat. The only hard part is choosing where to go.


With so many amazing destinations to choose from, picking just one isn’t easy.

Somewhere they want to go

It can help to break down the kind of holiday your loved one will like the most. For example, if they really love action and adventure, then maybe a skiing holiday is the perfect answer. Just imagine gliding down the mountains together or sipping cocktails against the glorious backdrop of the Alps.

If action isn’t their thing, but history and culture are, then a city break might be just what the doctor ordered. What about spending a few days in the south of Italy, where culture oozes out of every stone alleyway and vineyard, or maybe Sicily, with its charming port towns?

If your loved one loves history then there’s always a lesson waiting for you overseas, with lots of historic destinations available in both Europe and South America.

Somewhere indulgent

Of course the ultimate romantic break, especially if it’s for a surprise, has to be the pampering holiday. And if you’re looking for a spot of relaxation, where better than the Indian Ocean? The Maldives and Mauritius are two of the world’s premier relaxation destinations and simply have to be seen and experienced by anyone who’s in love.

Lie on white sandy beaches, swim in crystal-clear, blue waters and enjoy a relaxing massage. Just imagine how many brownie points you can earn from your other half for delivering all that on a holiday. With luxury breaks at a Club Med resort on offer, it might not be as far away as you think!

Booking any holiday for a loved one as a surprise is a lovely thing to do. It really shows that you love someone and that you want to prove just how much. If you get the destination right, it shows that you know them inside out, so have a think about what it is your partner likes the most and get booking!

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