Splash the cash in Las Vegas

For people who love the excitement of casino games, there can be no better holiday destination that heading to the capital of gambling – Las Vegas. Nicknamed Sin City, Vegas is a perfect location for a hedonistic break, and all on a gargantuan scale. The casinos, the shows, the hotels and the food served there are all over the top and out of this world.

A city that rose up from the desert to provide a location for legalized gambling is bound to be lacking in natural beauty and features, but it makes up for this in spades with it’s crass and gaudy architecture and larger than life attitude.


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Of course, you don’t need to get on a plane to Vegas if you want to try out casino games. You don’t even need to drive into the town nearest you that has a casino. Instead you can sign up to play at any number of online casinos anywhere that you have access to the internet. Click here for 32Red casino and you’ll have over 500 games at your fingertips and you can be playing within seconds of signing in.

But if you want to be totally imbued in the casino world for a week of holiday time, then you just can’t beat Las Vegas. There are so many different package deals available where you can fly out for just a few days or a two-week vacation. Or, of course, you can travel independently, just booking a flight and a hire car and turning up to see what the city has to offer.

When you’re there though, make sure you do everything you want to do. You never know if you’ll be going again – so you may as well cram everything in on your first trip! Here are some top tips on what not to miss when you’re holidaying in Vegas:

  • See a show – shows may not be your thing, but the ones in Vegas are probably some of the finest productions in the world. Book a ticket to see something while you’re there – you’re guaranteed to be blown away by it!
  • Gamble – but keep tabs on your spending. You don’t want to come home feeling sick that you wasted too much money on games you’re almost bound to lose. So set a limit of what you’ll spend on casino chips while you’re there and employ self-discipline to ensure you don’t go over that limit.
  • Take a limo along the Strip. The centre of Vegas is basically built around one long road. You can walk or catch a cab from A to B but, just for pure decadent fun, ask a parked-up limo driver how much they’ll charge you for a journey. If they’re having a quiet night, it may be only a tiny bit more than a taxi – and so much more fun!
  • Escape the city for a day. Vegas is full-on and you may find it really beneficial to spend a day away from the bright lights mid-trip. Take a helicopter ride to the relatively nearby Grand Canyon and enjoy one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. You can then return to the artificial world of Vegas refreshed and ready for more!

Whatever you plan to do in Las Vegas, make sure to have a blast while you’re there. You can come home to online gaming and still enjoy the buzz of playing but it’ll never be quite the same!


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