Spain Retains Position As Britain’s Favourite Holiday Spot – But Where Should You Go?

With over 12,000,000 British people visiting every year, Spain is still Britain’s favourite holiday destination. But with so many resorts, islands and cities to choose from, where should you pick for your Spanish getaway?


The Balearics

Lying in the Mediterranean, just off of the east coast of Spain, the Balearic Islands are the first place in the country to see the rising sun. Their plentiful beaches, varied landscapes and fantastic climates have made them a favourite destination for years, with each island offering its own unique mix of sun, sea and culture.

For partygoers, Ibiza is the normally the destination of choice, whilst Majorca popular with young travellers and groups. Menorca holidays are perfect for families and those seeking an authentic slice of Spanish life.

The North

If you’re heading to the north of Spain, the chances are that Barcelona will be your destination of choice and there’s no doubt that the capital of Catalonia makes a fantastic location for a fantastic holiday.

The proximity of the coast makes it ideal for combining a beach holiday with a city break – perfect for those looking to top up both their tan and their cultural knowledge.

The South

With mile upon mile of sandy beaches and tourist-friendly resorts, southern Spain is the perfect holiday destination. There are a number of historic and beautiful cities in easy reach of the coast, so you can easily include a bit of sightseeing whilst on your holiday. Because many resorts cater to Brits however, the south is perfectly suited for people who want a stress-free week of soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine.

The Canaries

Spain’s other main island group is a one of Europe’s top year-round destinations and is ideal for those looking to enjoy a more relaxed way of life in a stunning setting. Between the various islands, the Canaries offer pretty much everything a holidaymaker could want, with travellers of all kinds being well catered for.

From water sports to hiking, the geography of the Canaries makes activities of all sorts possible, so why not take a day or two away from the beach and get the adrenaline pumping?

Picking a Spanish holiday destination may not be easy, but thanks to the sun, sea, food and landscape, no matter where you choose, you’re in for a fantastic week or two away.


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