Sheikh it Baby! Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular destinations for families, couples and even young people as there’s plenty to see and do there. This guide highlights 5 of the best things to do whilst on your jollies in Sharm El Sheikh…

1. Glassbottom Boat

fishy sharm el sheikh

The best way to see the Red Sea is on a boat with glass bottom. You can enjoy the spectacular coral reefs as well as the swaying sea grass without getting wet and in the comfort of the glassbottom boat. You will be peeping into one of the most beautiful real tropical aquariums. Both adults and children can have lots of fun on the boat ride that lasts for about one and a half hours. You can choose to spend time discovering the secrets of the deep sea or simply soak in the sun sitting on the deck. For adults the fare is £28 and for children it is £14.

2. Boat ride to Ras Mohamed


If your goal is to watch some of the famous marine life in the Red Sea, then you must take a ride to Ras Mohammed. Ras Mohamed is a peninsula with the Gulf of Suez having shallow waters on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba having deep waters on the east. The duration of the ride is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. The ticket charge for adults is £36.00 and for children it is £24.00.


3. Quad Bikes


If you believe Egypt’s all about pyramids, pharaohs and museums filled with mummies, it is not true. A trip on a quad bike will change your belief and show to you that the country offers a lot more on the adventure front. You will kick up clouds of sand as you drive across the desert on the quad bike on your own as part of a convoy of bikes. The duration of this ride is around 3 hours and 30 minutes. The charges for adults and children are the same, £38.00.


4. Scuba Diving at Sharm El Sheikh


If you have ever wanted to try scuba diving, this may be your best chance. This half a day course lets you experience scuba diving with experienced instructors from Sharm El Sheikh diving partners of Ocean College. The training is started off with an introductory briefing. You will also be trained on how to breathe under water. The scuba diving training program lasts for about 4 hours and the charges are £45.00 both adults and children.


5. Qualified Scuba Diving at Sharm El Sheikh


If you already have your scuba diving certificate, then you can spend the whole day (8 hours) diving with experienced instructors from the Ocean College. You will be taken on a boat out of Sharm El Sheikh and you will be allowed to do two dives. Red Sea is a great place for diving as there is no shortage of terrain for exploring. Moreover, you will be guided by experienced instructors. Red Sea is the tropical sea that is closest to Europe and is considered to be one among the best five diving spots in the world. The water at this diving spot is incredibly clear and the underwater paradise boasts of hundreds of species of fish as well as rainbow-colored coral.

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