Serengeti Park

Geographical Information

The Serengeti Park currently covers an area larger than 14,500 sq km and is located about 300 km from Arusha. On the north side, it expands as far as Kenya while in the west, it borders the Lake Victoria. To get to Serengeti Park, you can catch any of the flights that leave Lake Manyara, Arusha, or Mwanza. You can also charter a plane from the same locations. It is also possible to cover the distance via car, from Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, or Ngorongoro Crater.


Historical Information

The locals use the term Serengeti to describe the eponymous area, which is why the park was also named Serengeti. Back in 1913, Stewart Edward White, an American explorer, was the first one to come across this treasure. He had ventured into the northern part and mentioned his journey in his recordings. The establishment of the Serengeti National Park came later, in 1951. The Park came into being when the British started dividing reserves into areas that were as big as 800 acres. It grew with passing time and is now counted amongst the largest national park system of Tanzania.

Kind of Animals

If you are into safaris, then there is no way that you wouldn’t have come across the term, the Big Five. Whether you discovered it while on a safari or read about in an old book, the Big Five are a must-see. The term refers to the pentagon of animals that most people on a safari will want to see. If we go back a century or so, the Big Five were also favorites to another demographic class of people – hunters! Since they were considered the fiercest, they could easily turn the game on its head and hunt the hunter. The animals included in the Big Five list are lions, leopards, rhinos, Cape Buffaloes, and elephants. You will find all these animals in the Serengeti. Along with them, you will also come across thousands of topi, eland, kongoni, Grant’s gazelle, and impala. Visitors to the Serengeti can also see the annual wildebeest migration where more than 6 million hooves belonging to wildebeest, zebra and Thomson’s gazelle are seen migrating!

Informations about a Luxury Safari in Serengeti


A company called offers two types of luxury safari itineraries; one of them involves covering the whole expanse in a balloon! It starts with a ‘Discover Serengeti’ presentation. The rest of the journey takes place in a hot-air balloon in the presence of a guide and researcher.


All meals and drinks are included in the package. There is a separate are that has been dedicated for the visiting children.


  • Transport from the airport to the resort and back
  • Dar es Salaam/Zanzibar return flights
  • Four Seasons Serengeti stay
  • Guide
  • Modified 4WD Land Rover for transport
  • Entry fees to the Serengeti National Park
  • Flying doctor insurance

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