San Francisco at Dusk

San Francisco is probably the most exploited best-kept-secret in the entire United States of America. It is new, it is progressive, it’s cool, interesting, contemporary, it’s flamboyant, expressive, historical, natural and more. The city brings to the table of American metropolises so much good taste that others have not and cannot. San Francisco, if it can be put into plain words, is the most intriguing city in the country. But when we think of the city, we think of so many things that we have already thought of enough, so let’s pick a moment, let’s pick dusk, and imagine SF sites in those lights.


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First and foremost, there’s no skipping the most prominent site and the most internationally recognizable one; the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, when you arrive to San Francisco, and you finally make it around to Golden Gate Park, the best place to admire the bridge if not by walking it yourself, you will see that the bridge is not gold—it is red. So why the ‘Golden’? How convenient that this article will address the city in dusk, because at dusk on a clear day, you can see where the name comes from. The sun will be sinking toward the western horizon, and through the mouth of the Bay, the last sliver of rays light upon the bridge, and turn its cherry red to a caramel gold, surrounded by an orange sky and emerald hills.

Now that we’ve touched on the greatest site, what about some others that are intriguing at dusk? You might decide to see if the Bay Bridge can compete, but you’ll be disappointed. Instead, find yourself at Fisherman’s Wharf. Something about San Francisco dusk paints a cool vibe over the happenings at the Wharf, and whether you spend your time there in an outdoor café, strolling along the docks or just standing with some honey roasted peanuts watching the street performers, you’ll understand what we mean—things slow down. The easy availability of a cheap hotel san francisco adds to its charm; you need not have an enormous budget to visit and bask in the beauty of this city, a budgeted trip will likely provide you with the same aesthetics. Everyone looks attractive, and the old buildings’ details are highlighted and suddenly you feel that you’re a keen observer; and you are, thanks to the ambiance of dusk.


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San Francisco is known for its street trolleys, and though most of them have been discontinued, there remain a few lines that persevere thanks to the forward thinking of some heroic individuals. It is heroic to have saved such a beautiful and historic city landmark, and jumping on the free things will make you appreciate them all the more. At dusk, when the air is replenishing itself and preparing for night, it is the best time to ride. You might say that riding the trolley, the wind in your hair, the colors of the city in fading light before you, is the most idiosyncratic way to experience the city; it really feels like the moment is yours.

Oh this article can go on and on, but the intrepid voyager will make the best of his time, no matter what time of day it is. It would be fitting to do a bit of research before just going at the toss of a coin. There are a lot of good hotels, and if you use to find hostels in San Fran, then you can read up on which ones might supply you with the best view of the bay, or a park, or anything that can be draped in the city’s attractive dusk colors.

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