Renting Your Holiday Home In Menorca

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your summer holiday in Spain, make sure you browse all accommodation in Menorca instead of relying on a travel agent. On the beautiful island of Menorca you can find affordable villas and self catering apartments to rent on the beach front, in the mountains and in the town centres. Tourists are becoming more aware of the fact that there are other advantages, as well as a great price, when you book your accommodation separate from the flight.

If you have small children, renting holiday villas could be a good option for you as this sort of accommodation has many advantages over a traditional hotel room. You have much more space for everything small children seem to need, and it is more like home from home. More than one room means that you can have some privacy and children can stick to bedtime routines etc. You may even get a private swimming pool which means you don’t have to be disturbed by other people’s children.

Renting accommodation in Menorca is a sure fire way to get the most experience when you’re on holiday. You’ll also be far more confident staying in a villa or apartment as the previous tenants are more likely to have passed on information, including hints and tips.

These might include the best places to eat out, or the best ways to get around. A lot of villas will also have simple amenities like a TV and  DVD player, it would be a good idea for you to take films and games for your children to play with, especially if they’re small.

Menorca is relatively unspoilt and quiet when compared to other islands like Mallorca and Ibiza, if you’re looking for a peaceful holiday, this is definitely the place for you and your family. As the island is quite small, regardless of where you stay you will not be far from one of Menorca’s fantastic beaches. One to look out for is Santo Tomas beach which can be reached on foot. This wide, sandy beach is perfect for kids and has good facilities. On the west coast you will find Cala Macarella which is off the beaten track but can be reached car.. This beach has only a few facilities but it is very pretty and worth a visit.

If you are planning to spend most of your holiday at the beach or out sightseeing then self catering apartments to rent in Menorca can be a reasonably priced option. There are many varied things to do on the island and if you are a History enthusiast you will enjoy the ruins, the remains of old towns and many other ancient arts which can be found on the island. Another place you should not miss is the renowned 18th-century Xoriguer Gin Distillery which creates over 100 different types of gin including the lemon-flavoured Pomada gin for which Menorca is famous!

So if you’re now planning your next holiday, I’d definitely recommend taking control of the entire booking process. Rent accommodation in Menorca independently and get a far better rate!

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