Tips for Making Travelling with a Disabled Child Stress Free

Travelling with children is way more stressful than when going on holiday alone. Travelling with a disabled child can be even more challenging as there are other obstacles to overcome as well as all the expected difficulties children pose. With this in mind, here are some top tips to make travelling with your disabled child much easier and enjoyable for ... Read More »

Serengeti Park

Geographical Information The Serengeti Park currently covers an area larger than 14,500 sq km and is located about 300 km from Arusha. On the north side, it expands as far as Kenya while in the west, it borders the Lake Victoria. To get to Serengeti Park, you can catch any of the flights that leave Lake Manyara, Arusha, or Mwanza. ... Read More »

What Sports Teaches Us about Money & Finances

If you have any males which make up a big part of your everyday life, whether it’s your hubby, long-term boyfriend, brother cousin, son or father, you’ll inevitably get subjected to what may very well be a religion, sports. You may well even love sports yourself and for even those who aren’t really into football and the likes, actually going ... Read More »

Travel Blogger Conundrum – Smartphone versus DSLR

If you get the balance right between your travels and having your travels generate you money instead of it flowing one way (out of your bank account), travel blogging can make for one of the most rewarding self-created careers in existence. Sure, a lot of travel bloggers are paid what is somewhat of salary to travel and blog about their ... Read More »

Enjoying Marbella without Breaking the Bank

You know a place is held in some seriously high esteem if more than one documentary has been made about it and that immediately drives up the perceived value of it, which spills over into the prices for just about everything to do with that place. Marbella on the just-as-famous Costa del Sol is one such destination, perhaps made even ... Read More »