Short Ski Breaks In the French Alps: Pros & Cons

Photo: The prevalence of low-cost airline services coupled with more flexibility from chalets and hotels have made it easier for people to take short ski breaks whenever they want. More and more people are taking two, three, or even four short ski holidays during each season, taking advantage of favorable snow reports and great deals. Read More »

5 must visit places in Uttarakhand

Glance on the enchanting view of the Himalayas, where cultural ethos speak of simplistic living amidst harmony and nature – Uttarakhand is a land of serene spirituality and beautiful natural beauty. In addition, there are several places in this state that you cannot miss to experience. Adrenaline adventure activity like water sports and trekking to spiritual aspects like visiting temples ... Read More »

Unique places to visit in Goa

A Goa tour package is a safe bet for having a good time in the lovely scenic coastal state but it may not cover all the unique places to visit in Goa that make this charming destination like nothing you’ve experienced before! Goa packages will pack your itinerary with some of the best beaches like Anjuna, Calangute, Candolim, Vagator, Arambol, ... Read More »


Image Source: Pexels (Unsplash) Travel insurance To have a peace of mind, travel insurance should be purchased as soon as the flight tickets are booked. Most insurance would cover things like cancelled trips, medical emergencies, evacuations, lost bags, delayed trips and particular damaged possessions. This is surely one thing you really do not realise you need until the time actually ... Read More »

Don’t Sleep Through January

It’s almost time to take the decorations off the Christmas tree and think about what you are going to do during this cold month for entertainment. Traditionally, you have probably filed the month away as a non-event, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Read More »

It’s pure, it’s unexplored, it’s Europe

When you take the Trans Siberian Railway in Russia, make sure you stop at the Lake Baikal. The deepest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal would show you what purity really is. The lake holds almost twenty percent of the freshwater stocks on earth and when you look at the pellucid waters of the lake, your senses would transform ... Read More »

Goa- Shop till you Drop

So you are done with the beach, the food and the water sports. The next best thing to do on a Goan holiday is to shop. While you can head to malls and stores, there are many flea markets as well as local artisan shops that you should consider in your shopping trip. Read More »