Dreamy Dubai days

When you look out of your office window and see a blanket grey sky there is only one thing for it.  A holiday.  And where else to really holiday like the rich and famous, and shrug off the eternal winter blues, than dreamy Dubai. Read More »

4 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Travel Photos

The hardest part of travelling is usually coming home and getting back to reality. It’s easy for your amazing travel pictures to slowly get forgotten while they sit on your computer’s hard drive, only be to be looked at occasionally. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to celebrate your great getaway on a daily basis, so check out ... Read More »

Drive Holidays in Australia: 5 Animals to Look Out for on the Road

The numerous populations of wildlife make driving in Australia a challenge especially after sunset. Roadways may travel along farms or ranches having no fences, which increases the likelihood of livestock inadvertently wandering onto the road. In Northern Territory and Western Australia, wild animals commonly cross the road in front of vehicles. Once in the beam of headlights, animals often freeze ... Read More »

Darwin: an Irish Guide to an Australian City

After a recent visit to Darwin, Australia I couldn’t help but notice that there was a large Irish community and who can blame them for upping and leaving Ireland after the luck they’ve had. It definitely hasn’t been the typical ‘luck of the Irish’. The last couple of years has involved a change in currency, a recession and continued ‘peace ... Read More »

10 Reasons to Book a Caravan Holiday

Over the last few years, the economy has become much worse, which is the reason many people choose to stay close to home rather than running off to an exotic destination for a holiday. If you are choosing to stay in your own country for your holiday, then there are a few options with regards to accommodation. Read More »

What to Pack for Backpacking through Asia

A backpacking holiday in South East Asia is becoming more and more popular, especially with young people. Not content to just laze on a beach or wallow in the hotel pool, an increasing number of people want to see the natural beauty of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. Read More »

Adventure Holidays

Laying around on the beach under a brilliant sun certainly has its place, but if you’re tired of working on your tan, then take a trip to these destinations to waken up your wild side: Read More »

Top 5 Interesting Sights You Must Visit in Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful exotic vacation spots – not only in Australia, but also in the world. Gold Coast is named after its beautiful beaches covered with gold sand. But this place is not just limited to a fascinating beach scenery, but also plenty of other interesting tourist attractions that captures the sights and hearts of ... Read More »