Where to Indulge in a Luxury Holiday

Some bingo sites have become popular for their massive life-changing jackpots with sums as large as £20,000. And imagine you suddenly find yourself with such a windfall – what would you do? Where would you go? With so many excellent destinations to really make the most of your cash, the hardest part is deciding which to opt for. Perhaps you ... Read More »

Quick Italian Speaking Lesson Learn This Today

Italian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and is a good choice if you’re thinking of learning how to speak Italian. Here are some of the most commonly used words and phrases that shouldn’t take you too long to memorise! Ciao Ciao when greeting somebody means “hello”, however it is also used to say “goodbye”. If ... Read More »

The Rich and Rare Beauty of Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia is a land rich in natural beauty and a land that contains the most natural property in the world. Many people desire to visit the Gold Coast to see firsthand its natural beauty and experience all that this land has to offer. Visitors are awestruck with the many activities, things to see and do and the natural friendliness in ... Read More »

Where to Find the Most Scenic Views in Paris

When it comes to contemplating the most beautiful Parisian panoramas, most people automatically think of the view from the iconic Eiffel Tower. With its frequent appearance in cinematic establishing shots and an upper observatory platform situated 915 feet above the Champ de Mars urban park, the lattice tower has become the quintessential symbol of French industry and innovation. Read More »

5 Useful Apps for Travelling Abroad

Whenever we travel abroad, one of the things we take with us is our mobile phones, so that we can be contactable in case of an emergency. Those of us that take smartphones abroad will find that they are a very useful tool to possess in a foreign country, as it means that you will be able to access your ... Read More »

What to Look For in Rail Holidays

Ease, style and comfort are the three words that come to mind when describing the benefits of a rail holiday. Your destinations have been carefully chosen and all you should have to do is board your carriage and head off to new sights and adventures. Read More »

Where is the best place for 30 bunnies to sleep?

Where is the best place for 30 bunnies to sleep? slap bang in the middle of a bed! To show off their new ‘sweet beds’, Ibis filmed 30 bunnies over two days in their London Blackfriar’s hotel as they scuttled round the room to make this super cute video: Karelle Lamouche, VP of Marketing for Ibis commented: “The video is ... Read More »