4 latest travel trends to check out

Travel is booming! Not only are the cashed up retirees of the grey nomad ilk hitting the well-worn travel path, the younger crowd of twenty somethings have decided to see the world before financial responsibility, in the form of mortgages and marriages and all that goes with that, has to be taken too seriously. Read More »

The Estepona History And Travel Guide

Nowadays, Southern Spain, and particularly the Costa Del Sol is once again becoming an increasingly popular european holiday destination. And although many tourists choose to visit areas like Marbella and Frigiliana, an ever expanding array of holiday-makers are now opting for the curious little known town of Estepona. Situated on the western coast, this quaint and friendly destination sits right ... Read More »

Potential problems on a stag do

For the most part a stag do is simply a group of friends getting together to celebrate a friend’s impending wedding and help him to say goodbye to the single life.  It might seem on the face of it that not much can go wrong, and if it is just a simple night out then perhaps not much can.  However, ... Read More »

A Backpack Budget Guide to Cheap Hotels in Malta

Just because Malta is a “place to go” doesn’t mean it’s only a destination where the rich can afford. The Island of Malta can be expensive due to the fact that it is a truly popular destination. With a bit of research, a seasoned traveller can find cheap hotels in Malta that are clean, adequate and safe. Read More »

Nature and Wildlife in Fuerteventura

In May of the year 2009, the Spanish island Fuerteventura was given the status Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO because the island is very unique and full of rare birds and plants, many of which are only found on the island itself. UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are vast and extensive studies that aim to show how places of rich natural beauty and ... Read More »

The lure of Espana

There’s a recession on. The ‘staycation’ is in vogue and no-one is going abroad. Right? Wrong! Millions of Brits are still making their annual pilgrimage abroad and they’re still choosing Spain as their number one destination. It offers everything needed for a perfect holiday including value for money. Greece and Turkey follow Spain in popularity amongst British tourists but Spain ... Read More »

5 Great Things You Must Do/See In Barcelona

Barcelona is a really magical seaside city located in Spain. It has endless amounts of culture, legendary architecture, lots of fine dining restaurants and even a great nightlife. You may be looking to learn Spanish, even just some basic stuff before you go, to make your life a little easier when ordering food or asking for directions. There’s plenty of ... Read More »