New York’s Greatest Monuments and Attractions

If you’re a fan of history and architecture, then New York is the place for you. Visited by millions every year, it’s the hub of America when it comes to contemporary and historic design, and with influences from many great artists all over the world, there are more than enough spectacular monuments to keep you occupied.  One of the best ... Read More »

Welcome Back, TSB

If you have ever wondered about the history behind some of the bigger banks on the high street, then you may want to look into the recent re-launch of TSB. Now separated from Lloyds Bank – Lloyds TSB is no longer a single entity – TSB Bank plc have put out a brand new advert to herald their return. The ... Read More »

What to do if you get lost in an unfamiliar country

Some people say that getting lost while in a new country is the best part of travelling, allowing you to fully experience the culture in its element without the tourist distractions. However, this isn’t always the case when you actually get lost. You might be in a country where cabs are not as frequent as they might be in London ... Read More »

Operation sensible packing

Choosing what to take away on holiday has always been a thorn in my side. Whilst I love going away, I hate packing, because I am indecisive and like to have choice. What if it rains? What if it’s cooler one day? What if it’s boiling hot and I need to change my clothes? These are all questions that need ... Read More »

Splash the cash in Las Vegas

For people who love the excitement of casino games, there can be no better holiday destination that heading to the capital of gambling – Las Vegas. Nicknamed Sin City, Vegas is a perfect location for a hedonistic break, and all on a gargantuan scale. The casinos, the shows, the hotels and the food served there are all over the top ... Read More »

Traveling in the Cotswolds

An expanse of rolling hills, forests, and tranquil valleys hide away the rural communities known as the Cotswolds. On a list of the top 10 paradise destinations on Earth, the Cotswolds ranked number 2. The region spans south-west and west-central England, measuring 40 km from east to west and 145 km from north to south. Entry to the region is ... Read More »

San Francisco at Dusk

San Francisco is probably the most exploited best-kept-secret in the entire United States of America. It is new, it is progressive, it’s cool, interesting, contemporary, it’s flamboyant, expressive, historical, natural and more. The city brings to the table of American metropolises so much good taste that others have not and cannot. San Francisco, if it can be put into plain ... Read More »