Discover the Top Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is anwondrous city, which offers a vast abundance of things to see and do, ensuring that every traveler will have a brilliant time. Many people are mesmerized by the vibrant metropolis that lies before them when they visit. Alongside temples and mosques, you will find stunning skyscrapers, ensuring that you experience everything when you book Malaysia holiday packages. ... Read More »

Reasons to Visit Cuba

For anybody who wants to experience a vacation getaway that goes a bit beyond the ordinary, among the Caribbean’s most prominent places should be a good fit that matter. That would be none other than Cuba. There are plenty of Cuba holiday deals making it the ideal location for a getaway in the sun. #1 A Rich Tradition Cuba is ... Read More »

All Inclusive Holidays to Jamaica- What is on offer?

Jamaica has beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water and fascinating places to explore, guaranteeing that you never tire of visiting. You will soon discover that people are friendly and laid back, and the island is inviting and intriguing. There are many different things to see and do whilst on the all inclusive holidays to Jamaica; therefore, planning is essential. Blue Lagoon- ... Read More »

Is New York Safe or Not? Helpful Tips for Visitors

With its world-renowned museums and attractions and its unique architecture, New York City is a great place to visit. However, no matter how much excitement it is said to hold for everyone, it also has a tainted reputation. This may be due to the different movies and literature that placed emphasis on New York’s bad side. If you are one ... Read More »

The Winter X Games Gets You Going

For the 13th consecutive year, the Winter X-Games were help in Aspen, Colorado. This year it was announced that the X-Games will continue being held in Aspen for at least 5 more years.  As usual, repeat goal medalists caused great excitement during this 4 day event. Both women’s and men’s events saw repeat winners this year.  David Wise won a ... Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai

Dubai is a modernized but ancient Arabian port city which offers many tourist delights due to its cosmopolitan environment. However, the façade of modernity that Dubai present can beguile one into unknowingly committing some local faux pas whose severity could either mean the difference between a long jail term and death sentence. It is therefore incumbent upon anyone traveling to ... Read More »

Exploring Thailand on a Budget

Holidays to Thailand are still as popular as ever, with people from all over the world travelling to this amazing country. There is a vast array to see and do in Thailand, and regardless of the reason you choose this magical country you will never be disappointed. With the combination of stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and friendly people, you will ... Read More »

The National Parks of South Africa

For the ultimate South African experience, a tour of the country’s national parks is an absolute must. With so many amazing landscapes to explore, as well as the wealth of animals and ecosystems to see, the national parks of South Africa are an adventure like no other, and the perfect way to spend time with your family whilst holidaying in ... Read More »

How to Have a Whirlwind Romance in Florence

When it comes to romantic breaks, Europe definitely isn’t short of places to spend time with that special someone. But, as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Florence holds a special place in the hearts of many travellers and it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to whisk their partner away for the weekend. Make the most ... Read More »