Must-See Places to Visit in the UK

Due to money concerns, many people are choosing to holiday at home in the UK, instead of costly holidays abroad. What they’re discovering is that holidaying in the UK can be just as much fun as a trip to a more exotic location. You just need to know the right places to visit. With this in mind, we’re going to share with you our top three holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. So, when it comes to planning your next trip away, you won’t be stuck for inspiration.


Land of dragons and giants, North Wales, is steeped in myth and folklore. Surrounded by the rugged cliffs, it’s not hard to imagine such legendary figures roaming the landscape. It’s a good choice if you plan on taking the kids with you. They’ll love all the stories and Arthurian legends, and there’s plenty to excite and fire up their imaginations. If you’re feeling energetic, you can climb the majestic Mount Snowdon, or if you’d rather take the scenic route, you can ride the train up instead.

Many people choose to rent a motorhome so they can explore the area as much as possible. You can rent or even buy a motorhome at a quite affordable price. However, don’t forget to factor in any insurance expenses. If you’re renting, most companies will include insurance in the cost. But if you’re the owner, it’s your responsibility to check that you’re properly covered. There are lots of useful websites that show you how to compare motorhome insurance quotes. So, just do a few sums before you go to get an idea of how much the holiday will set you back.

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If you’re planning a holiday for two, you can’t wrong with a trip to Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital is a unique city that really must be seen to be believed. The architecture is stunning, and there is a plethora of charming bars and high-end restaurants to choose from. Your best bet is to book into a hostel as close to the city centre as possible. With so much to keep you entertained, you won’t want to spend much time in your accommodation. So, booking into a hostel will allow you to explore as much of the city as possible. It also means you don’t waste money on a fancy hotel room that you barely spend any time in.

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Bristol is a vibrant, metropolitan city that boasts a diversity of people and an eclectic mix of subcultures. If you fancy a laid-back holiday with a group of your closest mates, Bristol’s guaranteed to impress. Famous for its thriving music scene and home to some of the biggest names in street art, it’s perfect for all you bohemian types. Check out the local museum and the ‘ss Great Britain’ to get a sense of the city’s rich history. Then party the night away at one of the many pubs that sit by the dockside.

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The UK is a country with a hell of a lot to offer. If you don’t believe us, just get out there and see for yourself!

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