Strategically located in central Vietnam, Danang city is not only the third biggest town in the country but also a great holiday destination. Because of its beautiful townscape which sits amid magnificent sandy shores, there are plenty of things for visitors to engage in once they set foot here.

Tourism in this city has been on a steady increase as more and more tourists fly in to view a city that thrives as one of Vietnam’s best kept mystery holiday locations. In order to make your experience worthwhile, the government has delved in to an upgrade of infrastructure which has seen bigger roads built, an international airport constructed and beautiful hotels set up. So what are the best things to do in Danang city? Well, if this question keeps lingering your mind, the list below will help you.

Soak in the heritage

One of the best things to do once you land in Vietnam is getting a taste of their heritage. Danang city boasts as one of the few places in Vietnam whose rich history is well preserved. It serves as the gateway to UNESCO world heritage sites situated in Hoi An and Hue. The latter was an ancient imperial capital which still bears beautiful architecture and magnificent structures of the early days. Here, you will get to see inspiring buildings such as the ancient emperor’s tombs, aggregate lodgings of the forbidden Purple town (Hue Citadel). On the other hand, Hoi An is recognized as Vietnam’s hippest town that features quaint old buildings peppered with cosmopolitan boutiques and cafes. Its streets also have assorted structures of French, Japanese and Chinese leverage.

Tee off in magnificent courses

Vietnam’s central coast has been rapidly transformed into the country’s golf capital. Featuring three of the best championship techniques which were put into place by three golf greats; Colin Montgomerie, Nick Faldo and Greg Norman, golf can not get better than when played in Danang. Norman is accredited for designing the Danang golf association which is a connections layout set out in the rugged sand dunes. Faldo’s new course is situated in Laguna Lang Co holiday resort while Montgomerie’s links have been recognized as Vietnam’s best techniques for quite some time. If you’re looking for a golfing break, check out this Golf vacation resort in Danang.

Hit the Sandy Shores

You haven’t been to Danang if you have not visited its picturesque sandy shores. Surrounded by approximately 150km of seashore, there is absolutely no excuse for not donning your favorite swimwear and rocking up on the comfortable hammocks with a local drink or a publication in hand. There are also plenty of holiday resorts evenly spread out in Danang city. You just need to budget your journey and live out your illusion beach holiday in one of these resorts.

Have an adventurous time by the beach

Adventures never end once you set your foot on the beautiful Danang beaches. If you love sea-diving, you can take a plunge to Cham isles which comprise of 8 islets down the south-coast. You can dive in the sea or snorkel amidst corals that line up the sea beds while viewing the surrounding marine life. Those who would like to explore the land can opt for a jeep or motorcycle then traverse around the breath-taking angles of the sandy shores. There are also exploratory trips such as the jigney trips, bike tours and motorcycle trips.

Check out the eateries

Delicious Vietnamese foods await you in every street in the city. You are welcomed by the sweet aroma of different delicacies in the central sea-shore, from Hoi An to Danang, which is also referred to as the country’s food capital. Western and modern Vietnamese cuisine is aligned at Danang’s waterfront dining hotspot. Seafood such as tamarind crab, grilled tiger pawns and lemongrass clams are available for those who want to try out new delicacies while the celebrity chef and author, Trinh Diem, will let you try out on her localised speciality of banh xeo and cao lau.

Post by Tony on behalf of the Hyatt Danang Resort and Spa.

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