Los Angeles, the glitzy life in the lap of nature

Universal Studios Theme Park in LA is one of the places that you must explore as part of your USA tour as the place will take you to such interesting rides that you would be able to relive the life of the characters you have seen in movies. There are guided tours of movie sets also and you will see behind the camera life of the actors you love and how things that you love come to life on your screen. Inside the studio, there is CityWalk as well where you can go shopping, have your favourite food and spend your leisure time in theatres. Griffith Park is another destination that would make you think of the planning that has gone into defining urban living as this more than four thousand acres park is home to Los Angeles Zoo, planetarium, observatory and a number of facilities to indulge into different sporting activities. It has walking trails as well that offer majestic views of the city and the observatory also is something you must use as it showcase majestic view of the universe and it’s free to use. The park has a number of facilities and while planning your USA tour package, you need to spare some time to explore the park as indulging in such pleasures takes time.


Being in Los Angeles and not exploring Disneyland is almost impossible and your USA package would do justice by including the place in its itinerary. It’s a premier destination for family vacation in California and would take you to the theme based sets and you will feel as if you are living the life of the characters you imagine with your senses. You can see your favourite characters of Disney wandering in the streets and that itself is enough to evoke the child in you. There are a number of shopping options as well as restaurants in the park and your joyous time would never end while being there. You should explore Hollywood, too, as it is this place the symbol of which comes to mind first on the mention of the word ‘cinema’. You would love the joyous aura of the place.

Though Los Angeles is known for its glamour and star studded life, the city has its own thriving culture beyond cinematic world. Explore the city to understand every aspect of the place and as for planning your trip and customizing your USA holiday package, you can rely on SOTC.

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