It’s pure, it’s unexplored, it’s Europe

When you take the Trans Siberian Railway in Russia, make sure you stop at the Lake Baikal. The deepest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal would show you what purity really is. The lake holds almost twenty percent of the freshwater stocks on earth and when you look at the pellucid waters of the lake, your senses would transform themselves onto a pristine abode where unspoiled beauty would cuddle you. The lake is considered as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’ and the mountains that surround the lake add their own beautiful hue to the place and you must try to spend some time there on your Europe tour. The history aficionado in you would love to visit Suzdal as the whole town is considered as an open air museum and would serve as a time capsule to take you back in time. The onion shaped architecture that is indigenous to Russia is visible there in all its glory. The town is considered as the jewel in the golden ring of Russia and your Europe holiday package must include the place in its itinerary to make you aware of the cultural roots of the country.


When you visit the capital Moscow, you can’t miss Kremlin, the most iconic structure of the city. Serves as the seat of the government, the majestic enclosure is a must include destination in your Europe package. It has four cathedrals and a number of museums to take you on a tour of history that no other structure in the country can do. It also has significant number of royal treasures and the hundred and ninety carat diamond is among the most cherished treasures that it possesses. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is another structure in Moscow that you must explore on your tour. The distinct architecture that the cathedral possesses makes it among the top tourist destinations and when you see the bonfire shape structure, you won’t be able to stop yourself from admiring the vision with which the cathedral was created. Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one majestic piece of architecture that would keep you in awe of the place. In existence since 1764, the museum possesses works of art from across the globe and you must spare significant amount of time in your Europe tour package so explore all the aspects of the museum.

Europe has various facets and Russia is one country that can make you experience various facets in one country itself. Explore the nation and as for planning your trip and customizing your Europe package, SOTC is there with you.

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