International Cell Phones Are Saving Travellers Money And Headaches

If you travel internationally on a regular basis then it might be time to look into a world phone. This type of international phone is unique given the fact that you can use it to connect to local networks wherever you travel. For the frequent international traveller this can be an indispensable tool to have at your side. Those who travel frequently probably already know all about the headaches of attempting to travel with a regular mobile phone.

Regular mobile phones do not work in certain regions and international locations depending on where they are originally from. There are two main networks in the world, and if you are not travelling to a location that shares your network then you are out of luck. Also, mobile providers may offer you a package for international travel but outside of the price they will tack on roaming fees, access fees, network fees, international data fees and so many more fees that your “great deal” will start to overwhelm you. With an international SIM card this does not happen because your world phone is programmed to connect to the local network regardless of where you travel. This way you only have to pay for the local network access which is going to be much more comparable to what you are used to paying for local service. This includes talk, text and data so you are free to use your mobile phone the way you would at home. Some local networks or providers might even offer special deals that make it even more affordable to use the world phone.

When you are using a world phone with an international SIM card that will connect locally wherever you are travelling you do not have to worry about getting a clear network. International calls are known for being static charged and hard to hear, but since you will be on the local network you will not have to worry about this at all. Instead, your conversations will all be crystal clear making it worth actually paying for access!  If you are researching international cell phones online take a few moments to check out all of the options that Brightroam has to offer. Web browsing will be much faster than with a regular mobile phone because you are on the local network so that when you need to look something up it takes seconds instead of minutes. This is an invaluable service if you need to access GPS while travelling in order to find directions to your next destination or need an in-hand translator to help make communications with locals a bit easier while you travel.


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Kenneth Partrell loves travelling with his world cell phone and writing about his travel adventures.  Since the advent of the world phone it is easy for him to direct travellers to how to best communicate while away.  When researching international cell phones online, Brightroam is your best source for information, quality products and great selection.

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