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Great Britain is a fantastic place to live; of that there is no doubt.The weather here is the subject of daily conversation because it is so varied. Another great tradition is the annual vacation. Our yearly holiday is something the children look forward to,  and something they never want to end.

Without a holiday to look forward to, there would be little point in working hard and saving up. Can you imagine having nothing to work towards and nothing to brag about in the preceding months to jumping on that aeroplane?

The digital revolution that was supposed to make our lives easier has, in fact, had the opposite effect for everyone except the top bosses. We are under constant surveillance within cloud based applications; vehicles are tracked; we are monitored at every turn . Our performance figures are entered into a computer that will determine whether or not we are allowed to keep our jobs, on a monthly basis. There is no doubt in my mind; the digital age has given us all a greater need for at least one holiday a year, than at any time in the last fifty years.

Perhaps the biggest factor in determining our holiday destination is the price and where to find the money. Sometimes people will go to extremes to pay for that most important week or two of the year. Here are a few ideas to help raise funds.

  • Car Boot Sales

  • Credit Card

  • Personal Loan

  • Weekend Job

  • Blog Writing


It has even been known for people who have unmanageable debt to max out the rest of their credit cards on a world tour before returning home and declaring themselves bankrupt.

Yes, we will go to any lengths for a couple of weeks away.


So, what holiday will you choose? Do you consider yourself an action person? If so, maybe a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps could be just what you are looking for. Maybe you just love to relax in comfortable surroundings and get waited on. If that is the case, a cruise may be ideal. There is a wide range of cruises on the Cruise1st website, and many others, that may help guide you towards your ideal cruise destination. Maybe you are in search of adventure. How about a canoe trip down the Amazon river, surviving in jungle surroundings. If there were no spiders, that would be my choice. If something a little more intellectual is attractive to you, visiting the great pyramids of Egypt and the awesome Egyptian Museum of Antiquities will give your brain the exercise it needs.


Hannah Pethen


If you have settled on a cruise, I recommend two seas to visit. The Mediterranean or the Caribbean. For the sake of this article, let’s assume you have selected a Mediterranean cruise. Here are some destinations to look out for when booking up:


  • Monaco. You must have seen the annual Grand Prix. There is a lot of money in Monaco; you only have to see the moored yachts there to realise that. A trip to Monaco will probably result in bumping into a celebrity or two as you stroll around. Throw some cash around in the casinos, and you just may win. Everything is top quality, from the shops to the beaches; just as you would expect in the playground of the rich and famous.

  • Cyprus. travel to the infamous Ayia Napa to boogie the night away in your best dancing trousers with the kids. Cyprus has so much more to offer. The country is in a lot of debt, but it remains a friendly place with scorching weather virtually guaranteed. Lefkosia, the capital, has great shopping and food.

  • Capri. I had a ford capri once. I digress; the isle of Capri is less than five miles long so it doesn’t take a lot to explore. This is a good reason to avoid the most popular holiday season to drop in for a visit where possible. It is a beautiful, lush, romantic island with a rugged coastline.

  • Tunisia. If you like camels, Tunisia is the place for you. Blistering sun, and a taste of north African culture are assured. There are great markets displaying the Tunisian culture or take a coach trip into the desert  to visit Matmata, the location of Luke Skywalkers home in the first Star Wars film. It is fascinating to see that people really do live in huge holes in the ground, with caves, and even a bar cut into the walls.

  • Antalya. If your cruise pulls into this port, you are in for a historical treat. Antalya is on Turkey’s mediterranean coast. Take a trip to nearby Aspendos and see the legendary ruins of Olympos.

  • Sardinia. Soak up the Italian culture on this beautiful island. The cuisine is second to none, and it boasts fantastic secluded beaches.

  • Malta. Now Malta took a bit of a bashing during the second world war as I remember. Don’t let this put you off as all is well there now. Hitler never got his way. Historians will revel in the ancient city of Mdina and the Valleta, a walled city. There is much knowledged to be gained when looking into the history of Malta during your visit. The Maltese have had a tough time over the ages.

  • Majorca. Who, in this day and age, has never had a holiday in Majorca? Well, me, but everyone else has. It is a popular destination with Brits, thanks to it gorgeous beaches and happening nightlife. But there is more to this island if you take the time to seek it out. Check out the Tramuntana Mountain scenery and the antique spanish architecture, to really get a feel of what Majorca is about. If all else fails, hire a jet ski or jump on an inflatable banana and risk life and limb cruising the waves at breakneck speed.


As mentioned earlier, there is so much to see on a cruise around the Med’ that I would need to write a book to tell you everything I know about it. Suffice to say that if you chose a holiday within the middle earth sea, you are guaranteed a good time. Use that credit card well for at least a two week cruise, and there is every chance you will not want to come home. It’s thanks to these holidays that many British people end up relocating to another country. They do go on about it a bit though, so have some consideration. Bonjour!


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