If You’ve Never Been… Canada’s Official Must Visits

It annoys me sometimes when I hear of the places many Canadians spend their holidays. Of course, there is much to see throughout the world and one should try to see as much of it as possible.

However, there is also much to see within Canada, and it is when people opt for travelling abroad before visiting Canada’s must sees that I start to get angry. If you’ve never been to these places… well then, something just isn’t right.

If You’ve Never Been… Niagara Falls


Yes it’s pretty obvious and already well known that Niagara Falls is a must visit in Canada. However, believe it or not, there are some people – Canadians in fact – who have not visited Niagara Falls in their lifetime and yet still choose to spend their holiday time and money abroad!

Niagara River’s three waterfalls at the very Southern end of Ontario rest beautifully, on the Canadian & United States border as one of the great natural wonders of our planet. The sight and sound of the Niagara Falls’ gushing waters are powerful enough to leave an impression on you that will remain long after your visit here.

There are plenty of hotels in Niagara Falls too, so you have no excuse for not visiting.

Baffin Island


The fifth largest island in the world and Canada’s largest, Baffin Island as all Canadians will know lies between Greenland and mainland Canada.

Few places in the world are as untouched as Baffin Island, a naturally beautiful place that has managed to escape the iron clutches of modernity. Many thanks should go to the Inuit people who through their respect for their local environment, have helped maintain the natural beauty of Baffin Island, without disrupting it.

With wildlife from whales, arctic foxes, lemmings and arctic wolves, to sea birds, caribous, polar bears and walruses, Baffin Island can feel like an episode of BBC’s Planet Earth, particularly since it even boasts polar nights and midnight sun.

Grasslands National Park


The Grasslands National Park may not be Canada’s most popular attraction but it is certainly up there with our country’s most appealing and well worth a visit. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy horseback rides and sloping bluffs by day and stargazing in one of our planet’s darkest spots by night? Camp can be set up anywhere here and the delightful Wood Mountain town is very nearby too.

All in all Grasslands National Park’s gorgeous prairie wilderness is too irresistible for a Canadian to have never been.

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