How Twitter Can Boost Hiring, Productivity and Interaction of Employees

b7Modern firms today are now thinking of including the use of social media at work rather than seeing it as a negative thing. In fact, social media have paved way in boosting the success in every company at the same time opening more opportunities. Still, the primary concern that almost all managers need to deal with is how to manage the usage of social media within the workplace. Social media, especially Twitter, is a great tool in boosting the quality of employed talent, efficiency of workers and interaction within an organization. You can read more about Twitter if you click here.

Hiring the Best Talent

A survey by the Emerging Workforce Study found that 45% of staff considered that a company’s presence in social media affects their choice of a new employer. This means that a business that doesn’t have a meaningful social media presence would be less appealing for lots of prospective employees.

A firm can take advantage of the personal accounts of its employees to help improve its reach in online platforms such as Twitter. This can be manifested when employees send tweets concerning the company’s current events. The combined effect of having a number of employees on Twitter would add up to a much wider reach than would be feasible with a company’s own Twitter account. This will create greater awareness and reach numerous prospective employees who would be interested in working for the company. If a company desires to Buy More Followers on Twitter, they can do so.

A working environment that is much less rigid and offers flexibility of workers to tweet in the workplace is a highly attractive factor to the new generation of talented employees. Creative minds usually learn new ideas if there’s no restricted rules hanging on their back. Hence, a flexible work environment presents an attractive platform.

Then again, the level of productivity at work will be compromise if the usage of social media is over used. That’s the reason why companies should carefully assess how to integrate social media at work without suffering from any rebound effects. As such, companies can better handle social media in workplace by just making it accessible to departments that can enhance its work performance and tasks. Such departments include customer care services, sales and advertising departments.

Enhanced Productivity

A new study carried out by Evolv (a company that evaluates the metrics of Fortune 500 companies) discovered that the use of social media actually enhances productivity among particular groups of workers. The social interaction offered by sites like Twitter provides the best opportunity for countless sales people to achieve greater reach with potential clients. Such workers manage to close more deals and have a wider array of leads than those who don’t use social media.

Companies try to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their employees by providing all necessary aids such as advanced software, interactive workspace, and comfortable office furniture (perhaps these can help you to find some of the best workplace items), and more. However, in all this, companies forget to utilize social media in their favor. Different businesses can take advantage of the wide reach provided by Twitter by using their accounts as customer care platforms. The concerns, questions, and complaints from clients can be conveniently handled by workers through social platforms. This assists in ensuring customer loyalty as well as long-term sales prospects for the firm.

Workers who have regular access to Twitter are much better able to detect views and opinions of the public concerning their company. Besides, any misguided views can be directly fixed before it sheds a bad light for the company. Early recognition of such incorrect information regarding the company will allow brand managers to take corrective action. This will aid in preserving the brand image of the firm.

Twitter is also a great place to follow up the company’s previous customers. Sales personnel can continually communicate with previous clients without appearing to be pushy in terms of business related offers. With this casual communication, the firm will be able to get more return of sales opportunities from past clients.

Social media recognition of their worker’s accomplishment will also impact the organization in a good way. Those recognized professionals will bring in positive feedbacks to the organization itself from people on social media sites. In other words, if specialists are very prominent in social media platforms, they would also spread the fame to the organizations they are a part of.

Better Relationships at Work

Most contemporary companies have a much more open interaction between the top management and entry level personnel. Such active communication could be enhanced further through social media platforms. Such a platform like Twitter facilitates for an unreserved and truthful interaction between employees at various levels in an organization. With Twitter, employees at lower levels have better freedom to freely give their comments to higher level personnel. This is contrary to traditional memos and emails which give less chance for entry level employees to express their unreserved opinions.

The emphasis on social interaction offered by Twitter enables employees to develop greater understanding and appreciation of one another. Moreover, workers can freely share their ideas, perspectives, and how they see life which can help them lead to greater options. Having an awareness of these problems aids HR managers to develop strategies and programs that will cause the least resistance within the organization.

Countless firms organize team building events partly to build closer social interactions among the workers. Such social interaction can be boosted through social media. Apart from the relationship between workers in the work setting, they could also form a bond by sending tweets with each other on Twitter. Hence, cooperation and team work in the business is highly developed.

Once workers and managers are having a healthy line of communication on Twitter, this promotes understanding not just on a personal level but also to the innate abilities and talents they possess. This is one method of collecting information that is needed in deciding which worker deserves a job promotion. Nevertheless, HR managers can figure out the ideals and values of the employees which also work as a basis for promotion.

Lots of business organizations recognize the grave importance of social media in business management. No business companies can afford to miss making use of this great tool if they wish to be successful. Regardless how big or small your company is, as long as you know how to control and use the advantages of social media; long term stability and productivity will be in your hands.

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